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rockville town center Superfresh grocery store

Yikes. I was hoping for Whole Foods or Harris Teeter. Is it true that Superfresh is moving in? Is it better than it used to be? The last Superfresh I knew of was not appealing, but maybe it's changed.

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  1. Just to offer a different perspective, I'm glad to hear they're still around. I lived in Ashburn, VA in 99 - when it was just becoming "not an outpost" and Superfresh was by far my fave regular grocery. The other choices were Food Lion, Safeway and Giant, albeit for Giant and Safeway the upscaled versions.

    However, we may be on different wavelengths to start - Whole Foods and Trader Joes are almost specialty shops while Superfresh is a grocer (WF being more like a grocer than TJ). Harris Teeter is perhaps a slightly upscale grocer, but I think they actually end up missing out by trying that tactic. That's just my opinion.

    Anyway, still glad to hear that the market is supporting a different grocer.

    1. I've never been to superfresh, so can't comment on quality. But yes, I've also heard that superfresh is the grocer going in to rockville town center. I think there would have to be a major fall out for that to not be true, because nobody in the economic development division would ever even discuss who they were 'in discussions' with until this got announced as a fair accompli.

      1. Doesn't surprise me - the entire Rockville "redevelopment" is poorly executed, from a library with the lowest books to space ratio ever to the canyon-like high rises. Worse, M County regs practically prohibit a Wegmans.
        I believe the nearby Kent Lands has a Whole Foods and, further afield, Teeter is coming to Ashton.

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          Last I heard Harris Teeter bailed on the Ashton site. Too much local opposition to the developer oversizing the building by manipulating zoning regs.

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            There is a Harris Teeter in Darnestown now (on 28)... takes about 15 minutes to get there from Rockville town center area, 5 minutes maybe from the Kentlands.

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              What? No Wegmans? Curses! Back home Wegmans is a religion.

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                Hey fellow WNYer? I actually wrote to Wegmans and asked if they were expanding more in the the MoCo/Frederick area and their answer was that "there were no existing spaces to build" in MoCo. Of course, it's really the crappy regulations that were meant for keeping Super Walmart out, but what are you going to do.

                Frederick will be getting a Weg in the next 3 years, I believe.

            2. Whole Foods is putting in a new, large store across from White Flint to replace the one they have in Rockville now. No way they would also put one in Rockville Town Center. What's the matter, is Rockville to "upacale" for a regular grocery store instead of a high priced specialty store for the single and lots of income crowd?

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                As I said, my experience with Superfresh was long ago and not very satisfying. White Flint is way down Rockville Pike--too far for easy shopping. Why wouldn't they have a Harris-Teeter or Whole Foods in Rockville Town Center? The area is striving for the upscale crowd, aren't they? I miss Magruder's. I don't like Giant as much anymore. I was hoping for Harris-Teeter to tell you the truth. Forgive me for being disappointed, but that's just my opinion.

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                  I had heard they were in talks with Harris Teeter, but it fell through. If you miss Magruder's, it really isn't that much further up the Pike (just south of gude drive).

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                    Yes, I shop at that Magruder's, but it just isn't the same as the old one, IMO. What do you think?

              2. And there is a Harris Teeter right down route 28 in Darnestown. Not exactly around the block, but I'll take what I can get.

                1. While it is true that a lot of Superfresh stores are older and small, the newer stores are quite nice. Check out the store at 12028 Cherry Hill Road in White Oak.

                  1. Some consolation for Harris Teeter fans: They're opening in Park Potomac (270/Montrose/Seven Locks) next year. That's a 5-minute drive from the Pike.

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                      Is that where the Freshgo currently is?

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                        I had heard that Freshgo would be closing 12/31 to be replaced by HT, but that's not exactly correct. Harris Teeter is being touted on the Park Potomac site as new construction within that community, and would be far too large to fit into the Freshgo for what HT has planned.

                        But I did see a sign in the Freshgo for their employees identifying a store that would be taking employees looking for a transfer. So I suspect the writing is on the wall (literally) that Freshgo will soon be biting the dust as Giant's other small stores already have or soon will. With the HT coming in nearby, I suspect whatever takes the Freshgo space won't be grocery-related.

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                        And spotted last week: Construction signs indicating another Harris Teeter on the way just north of the White Flint Metro on the Pike.

                      3. I am also dreaming of a Wegman's in upper Montgomery County. Until then, Harris Teeter is the winner. It's SO much nicer than Giant or Safeway or Superfresh. The difference in staff attitude is amazing. I somehow ended up at Giant on Dec. 21st in the late afternoon. ONE checker and 5 people in line behind me.

                        I asked very nicely for the cashier to call someone to open another lane; he just kind of stared at me. Another store employee pointed out we could all "Like, use the self-service lines, you know." I became a little more vocal until a manager took notice and grudgingly opened another line. Everyone lined up to check out applauded.

                        The exact opposite is true at Harris Teeter. They practically jump out from the registers, asking if you're ready to check out! Smiling staff, clean stores, fresh produce. Now that I think about it, what was I doing at Giant anyway? My mistake!

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                          We love the HT in Darnestown... so much better than Safeway or Giant. Just better in every way (except price, but their free giveaways are pretty amazing).

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                            I love HT. Grew up on Giant...won't go anymore. The last time I went to Giant (on westbard ave in bethesda) there was an elderly customer having trouble getting bagels out of the bin. I saw two employees yakking away nearby on the floor, so I asked them to help the old man. They stared at me like I was crazy and one of them said "thats the self serve section" and they went back to yakking . I helped the man get a bag of those awful things they call bagels and have never given them my business since.

                          2. I grew up on Giant as well- now I will only go out of the fact of convenience- I am stuck with the one on Arliss, which is pathetic- It is sad. So its Sniders and Whole Foods instead-