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Transplanted NYer in Amherst Ohio (w. cleveland)

I so need help. My tummy craves the great crusty breads of Mott St. and the salivating aromas of a good pork store. I HAVE TO HAVE MY BOAR'S HEAD COLD CUTS. I have shopped in the area and refuse to buy what passes out here for cold cuts. Leona bologna....you've got to be kiddin'
I will bake my own bread.......heck I will even learn how to make my own salami, but I got to have my cheese and pasta.
If anyone has suggestions........I hope they are many I will humbly take them. If anyone knows where there is a deli that serves Boars Head I will go. If there are some books I should get I will read them......
I am 50 years old all of them in NYC and need my eats....help! I am going to be living here in Ohio probably for the next 50 years( I hear buckeyes live long lives) so I might as well enjoy my food. Any assistance would be welcome! Thanks

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  1. I've been searching on the web for you. I found listings for two places on the other side of Cleveland who appear to carry Boar's Head:

    Boar's Head Northern Ohio Provisions
    27000 Richmond Rd
    Cleveland (Solon), OH 44139
    (440) 519-9825

    Sirna's Market and Deli
    7307 Aurora Road
    Aurora, Ohio 44202

    So if you don't find anything closer, you might try calling them.

    Incidentally, I also found towns south of Cleveland where you can buy Boar's Head meats:

    Canton - Fishers - www.fisherfoods.com
    Columbus - The Hills Market - www.thehillsmarket.com
    Columbus - Weiland's Gourmet Market - www.weilandsgourmetmarket.com
    Wooster - Gary's Delicatessen - www.garysdeli.com
    Wooster - Muddy Waters Cafe - http://mainstreetwooster.org/profiles...

    One final note - You can also try contacting Boar's Head to ask them where you can buy their products in your area:

    Customer Service
    Boar's Head Provisions Co., Inc.
    1819 Main Street, Suite 800
    Sarasota, FL 34236
    (941) 955-0994

    BTW, if you are looking for an excellent French restaurant, you're right near Vermilion, home of Chez Francois - www.chezfrancois.com

    1. Believe me, I feel your pain. . .hope some of this info. helps:

      I'm not really sure where Amherst is (I do know that it's west) so I don't know how far this would be from you but Gibb's Butcher Block carries Boar's Head meats.

      Gibb's Butcher Block
      9858 East River Road
      Columbia Station OH
      They also have some nice meat and a disturbing variety of sausages.

      For bread there is Breadsmith in Lakewood.
      18101 Detroit Ave.
      Lakewood OH

      I'm not sure if there is a Heinen's near you but they carry LaBrea bread products which are usually better than your average grocery store bakery.


      1. I could never find good deli products in Lorain Co. or even decent ones at a good price.

        Heinen's is probably the best solution to most deli and breads. Lake Road Market in Rocky River also generally has a good deli selection.

        Lake Road Market
        20267 Lake Rd
        Rocky River, OH 44116
        (440) 331-9326

        Also, don't forget some of the ethnic markets.

        The Gust Gallucci Company
        6610 Euclid Avenue
        Cleveland, OH 44103

        1. there's a decent deli called rubin's in elyria, near the midway mall: www.rubinselyria.com

          otherwise, i think you'll have to drive to cleveland and the surrounding area. gallucci's mentioned above is great and so is alesci's in south euclid. then there's the sausage shoppe: http://www.sausageshoppe.com

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            Likes Alesci's a lot as they had some very good sausages.

            I found the Sausage Shoppe to be very high priced for what it is. You could do just as well by heading down to the West Side Market and visiting a number of the stands.

            1. re: jlawrence01

              the west side market is a wonderful resource. the original poster should definitely check it out.

          2. Oh my. I grew up in Avon Lake, OH. Nice place, really. But the west side of Cleveland is not known for its...diversity. I'm not sure you're going to find a lot of reallly good food without at least a 45 minute drive towards Cleveland. You could always drive up to Ann Arbor on a weekend and visit Zingerman's. I've lived in Ann Arbor for 5 years now and have become a foodie because of it. I'll ponder and try to think of some OH options for you.

            1. Thank you everyone! Keep the suggestions coming! I will take take and try your suggestions and post how they turned out!

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                well lets see -- fyi amherst borders lorain to the north, which is far and away ohio's most culturally diverse city. amherst is kind of lorain's whitebread suburb. that said, food options take a lot of turning over rocks, but they are truly there.

                my best suggestion for something like deli meats would be fligner's on broadway in dowtown lorain. they have a meat counter to die for.

                convenient deli/stores are the prob the closest thing to a ny deli, they have or had boars head.

                personally, living in nyc myself many years i dont know why anyone would be craving boar's head meats, they are uniformly mediocre processed deli meats.

                i hope you can learn to enjoy the local chow like great lakes fish, pierogies, mr. hero, chowhound mecca the upcoming annual lorain international festival and even in your new town amherst the mighty o'armours hot dog heaven and jaimes flea market.

                oh one more thing -- there is a amish market by ridge cemetary/oberlin ave that you will love. they have amish trail bologna, better than anything boars head ever dreamed of!

              2. There is a store in Amherst, OH that carries Boars Head cold cuts. I'm not sure of it's proper name, we call it the corner store. It is on the corner of Quarry Road and Middle Ridge Rd. It doesn't look like much, it has a gas pump in front. But the deli counter is fullly stocked with Boars Head products. (At least it used to be, haven't been there for 2 years) Hope it is still there.

                1. Found out more info, the store is called SUNDAYS PLUS, the address is
                  8040 QUARRY RD . You will pass Middle Ridge Rd on your left if you are heading south on Quarry, then you will see Middle Ridge again on your right (the street is split) it is the second corner of Quarry and Middle Ridge where you will find the store, it will be on your right. Hope they have what you are looking for.

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                    I just wanted to say thank you! I found Sundays Plus and am sooooooooooo happy!. The owner Bob is a transplanted Floridian. He has a great selection of Boar's Head! I am there at least once a week! Now to find a good pork store for fresh mozzarella and good crusty bread. You have saved my tastebuds and made this transplanted NYer and his family very happy!!

                  2. On the West side, Lake Road Market carries Boars Head if that is your preference. Breadsmith in Lakewood is indeed wonderful, Lake Road also carries some of their breads, but not as big of a selection.

                    There are indeed many books on Cleveland Eats (ethnic specialties, restaurants, picnic spots). I would try the library first and hit the local Border's Books if necessary.

                    Absolutely get to the West Side Market and investigate some of the independent ethnic shops and restaurants around there (Ohio City, W. 25th street areas). Many local Adult Education programs through the cities will put on a Cleveland shopping tour to WSM, Gallucci's, Asia Plaza, etc.

                    This board is certainly a good place to start, but investigate through your neighbors too for hidden gems in your area.

                    The Cleveland area has a lot of great food and specialties. Welcome to the area and I hope you enjoy finding some treats that you can't believe you have ever lived without!

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                    1. re: gourmanda

                      I definitely concur with mrnyc's recommendation of Fligner's Market in Lorain for the meat counter. I also like the Vermilion Farm Market on Route 6 for meats and veggies. Gibb's in Columbia Station has great gourmet sausages in dozens of varieties as well as certified Angus beef. Penton's on North Ridge Road in Amherst has good produce and pies, and Spiegelberg's on Middle Ridge Rd. in Lorain has great apples and cider. Take North Ridge Rd west from Amherst toward Mill Hollow for a couple of good roadside stands - Krieg's Strawberries, and the Aufdenkampe Family Farm (www.afamilyfarm.com ). Out west on Rt 113 are Rex Lee Orchards and Hillcrest Orchards for apples and peaches. Fenik's on Lake Avenue in Elyria is the local favorite for sweet corn.

                      The people from Chez Francois have opened a French bakery at Crocker Park - Petite de Vie is a “European Market Stand” that serves traditional made-to-order beignets (fried French doughnuts), with an offering of special sandwiches (panini) and Gelato ( Italian ice cream). "We have the freshest breads, produce and highest quality meats and cheeses in the market. We strive to offer unique choices, with an elegant twist. We offer European imported chocolates, candies and sodas." They also operate a gourmet hot dog stand at the same location - Boulevard Dog.

                      There are farmer's markets on Saturday mornings at Black River Landing in Lorain and by city hall in Oberlin. Jamie's Flea Market in South Amherst is worth a trip some Wednesday or Saturday in the summer.

                      Oberlin also has a trio of worthwhile restaurants - Weia Teia is modern Asian, Black River Cafe has great brunch and vegetarian entrees, and The Feve is great for sandwiches and vegetarian stuff too (www.thefeve.com).

                      1. re: drdamwi

                        penton's! thats the amish market i was referring to. thx!

                    2. Hi! I know exactly how you feel. And the hot dogs are boiled and topped with chili instead of a good grilled Ted's hot dog!

                      I'm so sorry I just found this website and wasn't able to respond to you sooner. hope you get this reply.

                      There is a great Italian store with such reasonable prices. It's called Gallucci's and it's in downtown Cleveland but easy access. And they have the awesome breads, salami's, GOOD coldcuts, cheeses, herbs, sesame seeds, spices. You can also find them on their website.

                      I am also in Lorain County. Good luck in Ohio!

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                      1. re: AnotherNYr

                        yeah, the perch, pierogies, rhubarb pie and the cleveland style pizza suck in ny too -- lol!

                        in cleve galluci's and the sausage shoppe are great and absolutely worth visiting, but don't forget you have to pass by not only the more local options mentioned, but also the mighty west side market too to get to them. there is nothing even remotely close to the wsm in ny.

                        i am still aggravated to recall that lorain booted out it's olde italian market shop, which closed up, to build a worthless underpass.

                      2. Hey Transplanted New Yorker what's happenin!
                        I'm a transplanted New Yorker too! Staten Island is my home town. I moved to Ohio about 4 years ago. I'm about 20 minutes from Amherst going towards Sandusky.
                        I have an even harder delama then Boar's Head Cold Cuts. PIZZA!!! and good bread forgetta bout it. I'm desperate help me out here.

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                        1. re: wing nut

                          wing nut,
                          I couldn't agree with you more. I have been trying to tell people in NEO for years that they don't have any good pizza. You have opened up a can of worms now. You will be getting all kinds of replies of suggestions of good pizza in Cleveland. I have found it to be an oxymoron. Geraci's and Mama Santa's are good but a long drive for you. Angelo's in Lakewood is as close to you as I know of a decent stop. BTW, based on your screen name I assume you have already realized not be finding any good wings either. Although, there are a couple decent spots. Good luck

                          1. re: JCUMickey

                            just as far but marotta's is good too.

                            1. re: JCUMickey

                              Duh! of course posting on a food website you would think wing nut would mean buffalo wings. But no, I am a huge hockey fan and The Detroit Red Wings are my team. Hence my screen name wing nut :)

                              Thanks for the pizza tips.

                              1. re: JCUMickey

                                hmm. so lets summarize. good pizza in cleveland is an oxymoron, but oh wait then you say GERACIS and MAMA SANTAS are good. no good wings either, but oh wait there are decent spots. i think cleveland is growing on you -- resistance is futile - lol!

                                regardless, those you mention are regular cleveland style pizza places. go to VINCENZAS. downtown cleveland. there's your ny style slice joint right there. check out middleburg hts CAPRI too. there may be others, i dk anymore.

                                also, if you are in dayton or columbus you can get your 100% typical ny style slice on at FLYING PIZZA.

                                ps -- i heard the old pizzaiolo guy at MAMA SANTAS retired a couple years ago & the quality has dipped. maybe someone can confirm this?

                                bread? there is a place in chagrin people talk about, but i cant recall the name. someone will know. there are probably a dozen bakeries just in the west side market, too, so try there. little italy? corbo's presti's? no good bread? what? and last but not least i should mention everyone grows up on orlando bakery everyday bread from the grocery, which beats the daylights out of the local ny run of the mill grocery bread.

                                1. re: mrnyc

                                  on the rise. in cleveland heights has great bread.

                              2. re: wing nut

                                The best wings I've had since I've moved to this place are from Zeppe's i get mine extra crispy extra wet and the teriyaki sauce is the best!!