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Mar 3, 2007 04:13 PM

what's new and good and inexpensive lo carb in queens?

I love them, but I'm completely bored with my regular go-to's (see below) and following a low carb diet as's new and good and inexpensive (less than $30 including tip for 2) in queens these days and where I could also follow my diet? willing to travel anywhere in the borough --open to all cuisines except Japanese (sushi)------thanks!

please don't suggest the following:
spicy mina's
pio pio
de mole
knish knosh takeout
spicy and tasty
rosa's pizza

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  1. Cheborechnaya (sp?) on 63rd Dr --the bukharan place has plenty of meat kebabs. has a $25 certificate for mardi gras for $10. With that you may be able to get in for under $30 there. 5 burros is also pretty good in the nabe (which I assume is f hills based on your list). Acasa the Romanian place recently discussed would meet your price and carb criteria also.

    1. thanks but.......Been to Chebur...Bukharian food is not my thing..lived in Rego Park for many years, and I had my fill of it...Never liked Mardi Gras...De Mole blows away 5 Burro's...know everything in Rego Park, Forest Hills area......looking for other areas....this new place reviewed in the voice for ceviche sounds pretty's in Woodhaven..........

      1. La Fusta for skirt steak--