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Mar 3, 2007 03:25 PM

Restaurants Near Tulane University

Coming to New Orleans to check out Tulane in 2 weeks and would appreciate any suggestions for restaurants in the immediate vicinity. In particular I am interested in 1) restaurants frequented by students; and 2) exceptional restaurants, regardless of price. Thanks.

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  1. Had lunch with my student at Lebanon's Cafe, it was great! Loved by locals! A fav of my student is Jacques Imo', but expect a wait unless a party of five or more, then they will take reservations! I emailed my student, and will see what he says. Another hangout is Superior Grill, but I didn't think it was special, but it was fun! Hummmm, will post again.

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      Still waiting to hear from student...but thought I would post these links...

      Love this place...a neighborhood bistro on Magazine...not would find locals here far more than tourists...I have been going there since the day they opened..with my student...

      I have not been post Katrina (sad, but that is how one thinks)...wonderful...IMO
      Student loves this, and I do too!

      Student went last night....LOVES this, loves Jack! Jacques! Lots of fun...

      A small Mexican chain, and I cannot say I loved the food, but it is a scene at the right time....and fun!

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        My student replies (I didn't check spelling)...according to student:

        Vincents is amazing, I ate there for the first time last friday, Fresco is good and cheap, GB/Madigan's is more of a bar and not worth going to. Mona's is good, Vera Cruz food is yucky... Dick and Jenny's is also a nice place as is Upperline (surprisingly on Upperline). Dante's I havent eaten at but is really good according to friends. Le Crepe Nanu (or something like that) is okay, just dont order the quail.

        also....according to the student...

        Monkey Hill on Magazine, St. Joes Bar is down the street and has the best mojitos in the city.

        My student took me to Monkey Hill, and to the best of my knowledge not a single kind of food served, not even a peanut...but not sure...but a really fun bar! Pool table, other games, great music, comfy chairs, sofas.

        Student loves Lebanon's and Jacques Imos! I would most definitely check these out...the bars...and check thorough posts for other suggestions!

        I think OP wants to get a feeling and flavor of the area! Have a great trip, please report back! Want more, please post, will pass on to student...who eats off campus all the time all over the city, I asked for what he enjoys close by. OH, there is the famous The Boot! A great and still grand area of a great city!

    2. my favs are lebanon's (relaxed, inexpensive, and good=students galore), dante's kitchen (trois mignons--mmm), upperline (veal sweetbreads--mmm), and ya gotta do jacques-imo's. oh, and if you want a po-boy, crabby jack's is the way to go (shrimp and duck are my favorites).

      1. Practically on campus is Crepes a la Cart, good for a quick lunch and open late nights--located next door to the Boot (bar) on Broadway. Across Claiborne Ave from campus is the Frostop (local drive in/greasy spoon landmark), a newish taco joint (Felipe's), and 'world's healthiest pizza'.

        A couple blocks away on the Loyola Law School campus at Broadway (inside the Pine St. activities center) is the latest iteration of a long-time student favorite: Dunbar's, dishing up neighborhood creole cooking each day at lunch. Fried chicken, gumbo, jambalaya, greens, red beans & rice, sweet tea....

        Along Maple St., you'll find Ciro's Cote Sud (french w/pizza) and Jamila's (morroccan).

        Slightly farther afield in the Riverbend area, Jazzmine Cafe has nice vietnamese lunch specials and One on Hampson is more upscale & quite good. This area also has a La Madeline (chain french bakery & lunch spot), LA Pizza Kitchen (cal-ital), Hana (sushi/japanese), and a ho-hum chinese joint that's been around longer than my memory stretches. Camellia Grill isn't yet open, though I've heard March as the target date.

        On Tuesdays, the Crescent City Farmer's Market operates at Uptown Square (Broadway & the river). A "green plate special" is available each week in addition to the usual farmer's market stuff.

        1. I live in the area, and once counted close to 40 restaurants within 10 or so blocks of my house. Many have already been mentioned.

          low to medium price (thus drawing students):
          dine in: Lebanon's, Fresca, LA Pizza Kitchen, Babylon, Cooter Brown's, Hana Sushi, Ninja, GB's/Madigan's, Mona's, Jazmine Cafe, La Madeleine, Fiesta Bistro, The deli on Maple that keeps changing hands
          Not great: Vera Cruz (I cannot recommend the food here, but tons of students because of the margaritas), O'Henry's (again, can't recommend food),Saltwater Grill (ditto, but good for raw oysters), China Rose or Orchid or something, the thai place by Cooter's, the daquiri place across from that
          Breakfast: Riccobono's, Refuel, Oak St. Cafe
          take out: Nino's, Pepperoni's pizza, Roman's Pizza, the Dough Bowl (by the boot), Crepes a la Carte

          Fantastic places: Iris, Brigtsen's, Mat 'n' Naddie's
          Darn good places: Vincents, Maple St. Cafe, Cote de Sud, Asian Cajun, Basil Leaf, Dante's Kitchen, Jamila's, One, Jacque-Imo's, Cafe Volage, Sarah's

          Hmm, that's 41. Camellia Grill, Popeyes and Figaro's have not reopened. And there's a new place on Oak for panini and fantastic gelato. I've been there once. The other 4 times I've tried to go (all at reasonable times, like 7 pm on a Friday night), it's been closed for private parties or just plain closed. Very irritating.

          In a nutshell, there are 4 main areas: down Maple St, the bottom (riverbend) of Carrollton, encircling the Walgreens, down Oak St, and a small cluster at Carrollton and Jeanette. As you can see there are a lot of options, so if you want to get more specific about type of food/atmosphere, I can narrow it down.

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            Thanks so much. Regarding specifics, we are most interested in creole, cajun and traditional N.O. fare.

            1. re: DTF

              Yes, I can guess, as all visitors are interested in Creole or Cajun, thinking that is what it is all about...although please know, NOLA isn't a Cajun city...its roots are Creole...and its cuisine is global.

              By the time one has lived there for some time, or visited alot, they don't go thinking about one cuisine or another. Read through the posts that have been made, think Jacques Imos or Upperline or Brigstens or Vincents....not so many students, but wonderful places. Lebanon's is wonderful, but clearly not what you are looking for. I was under the impression you were interested in the life and restaurants around the university to get an idea of what living in that area may be like.

              I think a few posts ago was a very comprehensive list. Lilettte on Magazine will give you the flavor and concept of a real neighborhood bistro, with some different influences, but if you want Creole or Cajun specifically, you may want to consider the Quarter and other areas of this great and grand city. The fabulous Commander's Palace is in the Garden District, not too far away, and it is history itself. As is Galatoires in the Quarter. Commander's is exceptional. Then, also away from the Tulane area is Stella, August, so many others...Your original post specified the area around Tulane. If you are willing to go outside of this will be more than satisfied. If you stay in Uptown, you will be satisfied. Hey, grab a bite on campus!

          2. No must, must, must go to JACQUES IMOIS on Oak Street