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Mar 3, 2007 03:19 PM

White Plains Jury Duty

Any suggestions for lunch in White Plains near the courthouse?

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  1. Sure, right on E. Post Road are several suggestions one of my own and a few others I've heard much about on the boards or from friends.

    Latin American Cafe,- right next to Bengal Tiger. Good Cuban food, very casual. Atmosphere is nothing to speak about but it's fine. Prices are reasonable. We had very good ropa vieja there and also a steak sandwich as we weren't in the mood for a traditional Cuban sandwich that day. Congri (rice and beans mixed together) was good. The papa rellena was okay, not great.

    Bengal Tiger: Indian - Haven't tried but husband did and liked. They have a lunch buffet. Mixed reviews on the boards but worst complaint I saw was that it was really just okay/average.

    Ambadi - very casual Indian right across the street from both of the above. Somehow related to Bengal Tiger. Several posters say it's actually better than Bengal. I believe it's mostly take-out but has some tables.

    Star Diner: Greasy spoon old time diner lots of posters like.

    As you may know, there are a bunch of pub/saloon places on Mamaroneck Avenue not far from the Courthouse some better than others. Lazy Boy Saloon was noted here for it's wings.

    Hope that helps.

    1. Cancun Delights and Veracruz, both on Post Road, are two non-traditional mexican tacquerias. Actually, their offerings are a little more than just a tacqueria, but they are little dives in the true sense. But the fact that they actually do have some dishes that are regionally specific to the yucatan area is impressive, given the lack of regional diversity in mexican places in this part of the country.

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      1. re: adamclyde

        Adamclyde, How do Veracruz and Cancun stack up against New Rochelle Mexicans and Tortilleria los Gemelos?

        1. re: laylag

          The quality isn't as good as the NR places or Los Gemelos. But what you find at Cancun Delights or Veracruz are some dishes and methods that are quite different from the typical puebla-inspired places in the NY Metro area. (pipian dishes, goat dishes, tacos azadura... random stuff). Just keep in mind that these places definitely get no points for ambience or style.

          So while the quality isn't as high as other places around, they are good alternatives for a different style of mexican.

      2. Right down MLK Blvd. in the "mini mall" where the DMV is you have: (1) Kam Sen, the Asian market, for take out sushi, dumplings, Asian pastries & daily specials (2) Noda's, a "real" sushi bar and Japanese hot food (teriyaki, tempura, etc.); (3) Sport's Page for burgers, fajitas; (4) Bao's for chinese.

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        1. re: Dim Sum Diva

          how is bao's, by the way? I always just go down stairs for kam sen, but have wondered about bao's. Worth going? If so, what would you recommend?

          1. re: adamclyde

            adamclyde, I recommend Bao's. It is not authentic, as Aberdeen is, but I like the quality of food and the available choices.

            1. re: dolores

              thanks. Good to know. I've had such bad experiences the last few times at Kam Sen that I need another option not as expensive as Aberdeen.

        2. There are many on this board that rave about Bao's. Personally, it's not my favorite, their menu, while different than other standard American Chinese restaurants, does not appeal to me.

          1. Thank you, everyone, for your help. I should do well!

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            1. re: dschube

              Your welcome. Let us know where you tried and how it was.

              1. re: laylag

                Anything new in this area (cheap and good is a plus)? I have jury duty on Monday and I just called and I have to report :-(. I figured I'd go to Kam Sen since I've never been there before. What's good there that's chicken or vegetarian? Is their sushi good?

                1. re: MisterBill2

                  Havent tried the sushi...but it looks fresh. If you get your lunch on the early side the steam table fare always seems to offer some vegetarian entrees, however be circumspect, It is very inexpensive. You can always get they a fluffy dumpling from the steam case or one of the custard buns from the bakery.

                  1. re: scharffenberger

                    > however be circumspect, It is very inexpensive

                    Inexpensive or expensive??

                  2. re: MisterBill2

                    I've struggled the last few times at Kam Sen. If you don't go really early, just avoid the dim sum stuff. It was terrible last time.

                    If you don't mind driving, just a mile away is Ruth's Jamaican Deli on Battle Ave. Great jerk chicken.