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Mar 3, 2007 03:04 PM

1 more week in Seoul

Hi Chowhounders,

I am a New Yorker on a two week business trip in Seoul (wihch is already 1/2 way over).

I wanted to to get recs more on things to do in the evening, bars, clubs, and of course any restuarants that are not to be missed.

I am unfortunately staying in Walker Hill which, while nice, is totally out of the way, but I can cab it anywhere, so don't feel limited by neighborhood.

After a week, I have been eating really well; good food is easy to come by in Seoul but as someone who does not speak Korean, I find the evenings hard. I have yet to find where the international or even Korean's in their 30's hang out. Everything seems to be geared towards the very young or older tourists.

Any help would be appreciated...I'll do just about anything, bars, clubs, and I eat everything as well; the weirder the better!

Sushi Sasha

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  1. Sasha would you mind posting a few recs based on your experiences thus far? I will be visiting later this month and am on the alert for any and all good eating tips...budget is fairly generous.

    Will be on my own for lunch and some dinners; I speak no Korean.

    1. Recommend trying Itaewon - a bit more older crowd normally associated with the military in Yongsan. Lot of contractors and DoD civilians frequent bar and clubs around that area. Seoul Pub is a very friendly place where the average age seems to be 30 - 50.