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Mar 3, 2007 02:49 PM

Cheese or chocolate?

"No dessert for you unless you finish dinner!" When I was a kid, this threat never worked on me. I hated ice cream and I always preferred the steak to the cake. Even today, though I appreciate the seductive glory of chocolate, when I get a craving it's always for ribeye or pork belly glistening with fat or rich, runny cheese. But some people are the exact opposite. (And I've heard people say that women are more likely to go for the sweet stuff.) Do you prefer one to the other?

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  1. I am definitly more of a savoury over sweet person. Give me a good cheese platter with fruit for dessert 99% of the time over something sweet. Or just more dinner :)

    1. I'm six of one, half a dozen of the other. Sometimes I crave steak, sometimes chocolate. And sometimes a nice sharp cheddar with mustard and a glass of icy sweet white wine.

      Speaking genderwise, there is definitely a gender component to my cravings though -- the craving for steak hits hard a certain time of the month.

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        I'm the same - sometimes one way, sometimes the other. For me though, at certain times of the month, I crave both in tandem like bbq ribs or steak followed by dessert or simultaneously like craving ice cream with cheez doodles.

        When I was younger it was all savoury but I find the older I get I desire more sweets in general. Don't know why

      2. i love cheese..i would eat it 3 times a day if it would not kill me..prefer a nice barbaqued steak dinner to sweets any sneek a little chocolate ib once in awhile...

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          Oh boy. I love it all. Steak, cheese, terrific desserts. But I will say that I confine my cravings to the good stuff and then in moderate portions, and certainly not daily. (All right, all right, ALMOST never daily...)

        2. I'm w/flourgirl; bring it all on. But my tastes definitley run towards more of the savory side. Give me cheese and bread every day but yet, limit my deserts to only two or three times a week.