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Mar 3, 2007 02:43 PM

Sobaten Lunch Buffet in Calgary?

Noticed it the other day while walking by Sobaten Noodle House during the lunch hour. Looks like they have started offering a $14.99 lunch buffet, I think including sushi/sashimi...

Not sure if it is just for weekday lunch...

Has anyone tried it out yet? John Manzo?

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  1. hmmmmm- nope, but it sounds intriguing... and kind of strange. How can they do soba bowls? Their sushi is not great.

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    1. I didn't eat there but did look at it today (I had already had a delicious ham-swiss-pesto-artichoke panini at BUMPY'S).

      It looks promising. Some is sushi, but there is also katsu (not sure of it's chicken or pork), various dumpling and croquette sorts of things, rice and what appears to be Japanese curry, and small bowls of both soba and udon that you spoon broth into. I can see a lot that I might like there.

      They're doing this buffet for $16.95 for dinner on Fri and Sat nights too.

      I will try it over the next while but after March 13th my first priority is eating at Uptown Sushi, because Michael is finally back from a much-deserved one-month vacation!

      1. I had lunch there a while back, no sushi, but the tempura and soba were very good. There was only one girl working that day and the restaurant was packed, so the service was criminally slow.

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          Did you eat the buffet, and just didnt touch the sushi? If so, how often did they refresh the food? Im having a tough time imaging Japanese food of any kind sitting out for long periods of time.