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Mar 3, 2007 02:36 PM

Bakemeister in Norristown

This place is, despite its name, a fantastic Italian bakery. Not real flashy with the pastries and sweet stuff, but they have great tomato pie and the best semolina bread I've ever had outside of NYC (or Italy). Very spongy, dense, moist crumb, great crust, sprinkled with sesame seeds. They bake it on the premises and I was shocked they still had any when I arrived late-ish this Saturday afternoon.

I am not in Ntown often and so this was the first time I'd been there in years. The set-up in the place has changed from what I remember; they apparently serve sandwiches with lunchmeat now. And they now have (!) multi-grain bread, which I just had to try. Odd in that old-skool bakery, but hey, it's a new century. It was excellent, and as fresh and full of flavor, scent and texture as the semolina.

The semolina is just the best. I made my son stop in the lobby just to sniff before we went in.

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  1. So where in Norristown is it?

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    1. re: Den

      On Forest Ave near W. Main St.

      1. re: Philly

        <nodding> really close to the regional rail station & 202. and a slew of interesting mexican places. and it's across from a muffler place. i think mufflers - some kind of auto repair.

        1. re: Mawrter

          Right near the corner where U-Haul is...

    2. I haven't thought about Bakemeister for years! If they weren't located in Norristown but in South Philly instead they would be a household name. I don't think any other bakery compares to their dense, chewy quality.

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        May not be in your area, but there could be a better bakery. I live in Souderton, PA and we have a french bakery that opened about a year ago and they make the BEST sesame semolina bread. They only make it on Fridays though. Check out their website

      2. I live in Jeffersonville...moved there just over three years ago. I drove by Bakemeister for about two years on Main street. Saw it but never gave it much thought. I had relied on buying some bread at Genuardis and had monthly trips into Philly to get bread/rolls from Sarcones. Well, about a year ago I decided to drop in...what great bread at good prices. Good cookies 3 year old loves going there to pick out a few cookies. I have to try the tomato pie soon.

        l do like giving business to a small place like Bakemeister...makes me feel good to have a good bakery in my area.

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        1. re: Adenn1

          I'll have to try Bakemeister. We usually go to Corropolese on Old Arch. That's pretty convenient to J-Ville.

          1. re: jzerocsk

            Corropolese is great for Tomato Pie, they also have another location in Royersford...

        2. what's the deal with that old donut shop in Norristown- I can't recall the name...

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          1. re: pamd

            Do you mean Am-E-Lyn? I usually go to Suzy-Jo, which should be about the same. The donuts are very good. In fact, I was just commenting to my wife that I hadn't had any in a long time and should go get some!

            1. re: jzerocsk

              Suzy-Jo- that's the one I mean. I'll have to try it. I had a fantastic donut from a bakery in Plymouth Meeting- Zebers next to Blufin Sushi) It was powdered, filled with cream icing! and great mini eclairs

              1. re: pamd

                Am-E-Lyn on Main St. in Norristown and Suzy-Jo on Fourth St. in Bridgeport are owned by the same family, so you'll get the same wonderful donuts at both locations. My suggestion is to try their cinnamon twists. They're wonderful, but then, so are all of their donuts.

                1. re: ladystitch

                  I am a big fan of Am-E-Lyn donuts...I get donuts there about every other weekend...I love their apple fritters...they are about the size of a salad plate. Everything they sell is great.

          2. Though it has been there for years, the management is poor. The owner is Roger Martella and his daughter and son-in-law recently took over the business. I know this because I am a constant customer. They recently put a deli in and though they have a variety of meats and cheeses, they can't seem to attract enough customers to their sandwiches. Their tomato pies are awesome and I always get one when I have a party. They do have a nice assortment of breads and have even introduced a new wheat tomato pie(they had samples), which I found to be on the bland side. I like the original better. All in all, I would give 4 stars for the product and 2 stars for the management.