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Mar 3, 2007 02:34 PM

Houston Sunday recomendations

We will be in Houston (Galleria area) for a Sunday visit in a couple weeks and were looking for recomendations for casual brunch and a more upscale dinner that evening. As a lot of places are closed on sundays,help from locals would be appreciated. We've been to Hugo's, Cafe Annie, and Rouge in the past and are curious about Mark's, Dolce Vita, and Backstreet Cafe.

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  1. Backstreet is open for brunch and dinner on Sunday; Mark's and Dolce Vita are only open for dinner. Personally, for an upscale dinner I prefer the food and atmosphere at Mark's to Backstreet. I've eaten at Backstreet twice, and both times I thought it was just OK. I've never had less than outstanding food or service at Mark's.

    If it were my choice, of all the places you've mentioned, for brunch I would go back to Hugo's.

    I just got home from my birthday dinner at Dolce Vita. I love this place, and the food is fabulous, but it is a more casual atmosphere than you probably are wanting for dinner.

    Dolce Vita, alas, doesn't seem to have a web site. The appetizers, pizzas, entrees, and gelato are all superb.

    Come back on a Saturday or during the week sometime so you can have dinner at Da Marco.

    1. i love the brunch at hugo's too, but my vote for best casual brunch is dharma cafe. it's a teeny-tiny restaurant and one of houston's best kept secrets. they offer a fantastic brunch buffet. definitely call for reservations

      my favorite upscale brunches are brennan's and quattro's buffet in the four seasons.

      here's a brunch review from opentable, houston's food magazine.

      1. I absolutely second dharma cafe. It's definitely casual, but the brunch buffet is ethereal. We wanted to stop by this coming Sunday after the AIDS Walk but alas, we weren't the only ones with that idea as we heard they're already fully booked. (Reservations are strongly suggested.)

        1. I like Baba Yaga's for Sunday brunch.

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            So do I - I love Baba Yega's and if you like that place then I think you'd love Backstreet Cafe, Dharma Cafe, and I also love Benjy's in Rice Village.

          2. Try the Reef on McGowen. Upscale, great seafood, somewhat pricey but worth it.