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Mar 3, 2007 02:25 PM

Hey, what's the story with "Cooking with Jazz?"

It used to be my husband's and my favorite Cajun restaurant (and one of our preferred places overall.) I know the location in Queens closed down, but I understand that they're trying to find a new location? (I still dream--occasionally--about the pecan encrusted salmon.) If anyone knows the status, please chime in! (My husband has since latched onto Mara's - which I just find overpriced and not-so-great.) I want CWJ back!!!

Thanks for any infor,


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    1. I couldn't believe it when I read your post. My husband and I loved that restaurant. We used to drive from Brooklyn, and took all our favorite people there. How I wish they would open up in Park Slope. (Hint, Hint).

      1. :)))) I know - I'm really crushed. Its been out of business now for least a year if not more. BUUUUUTTT, I've put myself on the mailing list, and can only keep my fingers crossed that they find a new location soon!

        1. That was one restaurant I did not like. First it was very expensive especially for the area it was in. I also did not like the atmosphere of the place itself. The owner jammed as many tables and chairs as he could. I always felt uncomfortable dining there.

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            Especially for the area? I hear this all the time. Let me put something out there, do you think that passionless food/restaurant people head all the way out to ----where ever--- so they can shake people down? No, those people usually head to MePa or SoHo and, darn it, no one seems to complain!!!!!!

            1. re: Etnea

              The rent is more expensive in SOHO than it is in Whitestone.

          2. You might be confusing Cooking With Jazz with another restaurant. It was absolutely not expensive. And the early bird special was incredibly not expensive. The quality of the food and the atmosphere was worth so much more than what the food cost. I can only imagine that you have it confused with another restaurant.

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            1. re: j.ey2

              No I'm not confused. This is the same restaurant that charged $28 for a steak. This is also the same restaurant that sat people on top of each other. The owner thought he was in Manhattan.