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Mar 3, 2007 02:15 PM

Good Chinese on UWS

Dear Hounds--

Did a search for good Chinese on the UWS, but couldn't find anything recent. Anyone know of any hidden gems here? I hate to have to go to Ollie's, but I'll do it if I have to, dammit.

Any and all tips greatly appreciated.


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  1. We like Pearls on 99th and Amsterdam for everyday Chinese - it is fresh and the best of the lot...much, much better than Ollies.

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    1. re: aimeezing1

      I wholeheartedly agree. The dim sum and appetizers parts of the menu at Pearl's are good and occasionally great (white radish cakes are great). The menu as a whole has much better selection and is much more authentic than anything else in the area.

    2. ivy's cafe - w72 bet. amsterdam and columbus
      try the scallion pancakes and general tso's chicken

      china fun - columbus bet w71 amd w72
      dumplings, singapore curry noodles and stone forest chow fun. i've heard the sushi is also good.

      empire schezuan kyoto -columbus near w68
      dumplings and sesame noodles

      other people like the cottage, silk road palace and hunan park. the first two serve free wine. if you know anything about wine, you won't like it but if it doesn't matter, than it's worth a try. after trying nearly everything from W60th to W125th, these are the best.
      ollies on w116th is decent (dumplings, chow fun)and better than their two 'downtown' locations.

      there's also shun lee. i wasn't blown away.

      let us know if you find something good

      1. I really like Hunan Park for standard Chinese. The food is fresh and good. This is not revelatory Chinese food, but great, basic fare.

        1. i agree with the previous post on hunan park and i want to add to my posting .
          if you go to ivy's cafe, ask for a side of peanut sauce. use it with the scallion pancakes or any plain noodle dish. you will be addicted. it is the most amazing peanut sauce i've ever tasted anywhere, by far. it is typically served with the cold sesame noodles but, since i don't like their noodles served in that particular dish, i use the peanut sauce on other dishes.

          1. Thanks to all for the recs. I couldn't summon the will to enter Ollie's that night, so I just had a slice of pizza. But now I'm armed with recommendations for next time! Will report back once I've tried some of these places.