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Mar 3, 2007 01:50 PM

Jar tonight - what to order

We're going to Jar tonight -- haven't been there since the remodel. Used to like the pot roast and ice cream sundae. Should I still get the pot roast? Mash pots or fries? Banana cream pie, butterscotch pudding, or the caramel sundae?
And what starter?

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  1. When it's cold out, I usually like to get the oxtail because it's a pretty rich and hearty dish.

    Otherwise, I tend to opt for the pork chop or a filet.

    But whatever I get, I always get the yams and fries to go along with it.

    Enjoy dinner.

    1. The pot roast, pork shank, japanese yams, and buterscotch pudding are all delicious.

      1. They have some of the best french fries in town. The kobe and skirt steaks are also great.

        1. Pot Roast is an easy call -- always terrific. I also like the Coq Au Vin. Be sure and get the sweet potatos with creme frache or fries with the lobster bernaise on the side. As for starters, I've had their soup of the day a couple of times and have always been pleased -- one time a tomato lobster bisque, another a potato leak without cream. Both were delicious. And if there is butterscotch pudding, go for it. One of my favorites -- few places come close to that burnt sugar depth of flavor. A really well executed dish. In general it is hard to go wrong at Jar.

          1. Last time I was there, I had the pork chop, amazing and a very nice portion size, and had what I thought were the perfect sides with it - applesauce (nice and spicy), the purple sweet potatoes, and the duck fried rice. For some reason - probably because of the chinese-style spices glazing the chop - the duck fried rice went really well with everything.

            I love their squash blossom appetizer, but that's probably not on the menu right now.