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Mar 3, 2007 01:35 PM

please help me choose!!

will be in NYC mid April with 4 other women. I need to choose restaurants for 3 dinners and 3 lunches. Here's what I've come up with
the Harrison
A Voce
DB Bistro Moderne
Ssam Bar
Asia de Cuba
Comments please!!

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  1. The food at A Voce is delicious, but the thing that has kept me from returning is the insanely high noise level when the room is full, which makes having a civilized conversation impossible. If this won't bother you and the other women, then go for it.

    I haven't been to dbBistro is quite a while, but the food we've had there has always been excellent. There are two dining spaces (front and back) with attractive contemporary decor. Since it's on the periphery of the Theater District, it gets really slammed pre-theater Tues.-Sat evenings. (Monday most theaters are dark, and on Sunday, there are only matinees.) Therefore, on those nights, you'll have a more relaxing experience if you make your dinner reservations after 8 p.m.

    1. crsipo-always good, comfortable space, flavor!
      babbo-always! please get the tongue vinaigrette
      i definitely say no to paradou=underwhelming
      morandi-too new for me, do a search on chowhound it has been written up
      speicemarket-one of the nicest, transporting to s.e. asia, spots you will eatin. the food although good, is uneven.
      db bistromoderne-known for the foie/short rib/ truffle burger. i found it good, not transcenedent. it was a while ago so i can't recall other stuff i ate.
      the harrison-great
      asia d cuba-again long time ago. great for big crowds, great rockwell (i think) designed.they bring you lots to try. trust them with a variety of foods to sample
      momofuku ssam bar-too casual for your purposes, but's cafeteria style
      balthazar- always an event. great meat preparations, good raw bar.although my service was spotty last time.i have had too many enjoyable meals to indict the place on one meal
      bette,alta-never been. have heard goods and bads from others who have been to both
      i say suck it up and do a voce i love this place. if you do an a voce search under my name you'll see what i said.
      great luck

      1. A Voce gets great feedback all the time
        Il Bagato is fun and great food for dinner. very reasonably priced
        Babbo great
        Make sure you do one meal in the meatpacking area....5 ninth, Nero
        Deborah or Sushi Samba 7ave south are great lunch or dinner alternatives

        what type of places are you looking for? more specific I can help better w/ sugg's. where will you be staying?

        1. don't miss A Voce.

          I would add Bella Vitae (Italian - get a lot of dishes and share) and Boqueria (tapas - ditto). I really like both.

          I think you can do a lot better than Asia de Cuba and would knock it off the list.

          Spice market is a lot of fun and actually quite good food-wise too.

          1. mr seabass likes 3 i like alot a voce, bellavitae and boqueria.