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Toronto: Nonna's?

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So two years ago Nonna's moved out of 96 Tecumseth, and Amuse Bouche moved in.

The owner said they were moving to the Queen and Broadview area, but that's the last I heard, and I haven't been able to find them out there.

Does anyone know if they now have a new name, or has Nonna's died altogether?

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  1. Good question! I ate at Nonna's on their last night, and they told me they were moving to the northwest corner of Queen & Broadview, beside Jilly's, into the space that formerly housed the Queensdale Diner. Last time I was out that way (~early fall?) the QD space was still completely empty.

    I really loved Nonna's, and would like to know what happened. Anyone?

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      theres a new place that has gone in there.. the name escapes me, but its some piano bar? could they have changed their name ?

      1. re: hungryabbey

        I drove past it yesterday, on my way to Mercury Bar (mmmm--great latte). I think it's called 'Booze' emporium, or something like that. The sign mentioned oysters.

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          thats it! Thanks for reminding me of the name.. as soon as someone sees its open, please post something, I would like to try it out, looks like that area around Jillys might be really cleaning up.

    2. Look'd like it died. Chefdb.com does not have a more recent record for Stan Beasley :


      1. How sad. I *always* enjoyed Nonna's; it was one of those homey, comfy restaurants where it's impossible not to have a good time.

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          Nonna's was a fantastic restaurant....always a great meal and great service.
          Stan we miss you, please come back!

          1. re: KST

            i sure dont miss him, but then again i knew him...

        2. Has there been any Stan Beasley sighting's yet?