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Mar 3, 2007 12:35 PM


so my father wants to dine at an outdoor patio on the eastside before we see a movie at the vista, so which of these two has better food, Aclove or Dusty's???? thank you

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    1. I have never been to Dusty's but can give Alcove a thumbs up, if you're looking for something casual and cafe-ish (reminds me of Urth Caffe). Food is good but the menu is not terribly exciting - I love all the desserts though.

      1. Dusty's doesn't really have patio dining - you're just simply sitting on the sidewalk. Alcove is better patio-wise, though I think the food there is just so-so. If you want a nice brunch with a great patio, try Edendale Grill. I don't recommend it for dinner, but they have fantastic brunches and a very nice patio.

        1. The patio at Dusty's is the sidewalk, but the one at Cliff's edge is great, and the food is pretty good.
          the food at Dusty's is ok to good enough, yet you want to eat inside.

          1. Here's one thread after a quick search on Chowhound: