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Mar 3, 2007 12:18 PM

Moment of silence for the Rita Flora kitchen

Okay, it was a bit on the pricier side for what it was, the latest redesign of the indoor dining area went in totally the wrong direction, service could be sloppy and the food was nothing spectacular. But had a soft-spot in my heart for the soup-sandwich combo (turkey on baguette w/extra dijon on the side) and loved eating in the middle of the flower shop.

Flora Kitchen, for all your faults, you will be missed.

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  1. I live around the corner from this place - what's going on? (I don't think I will miss it as much as you though the flowers were nice)

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      As I understand, the flower-shop is staying and the restaurant is going to be replaced by an Asian noodle shop of some sort -- which could be opening very soon and, come to think of it, could be pretty cool.

      Got the info here:

    2. Steve Arroyo of Cobras & Matadors is doing a noodle house concept.

      1. Feh. The food at Rita Flora was adequate, but the deal breaker for me was the amazingly lousy and non-existent service. There are other places on La Brea with equivalent quality food and better service, so good bye and good riddance.

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          Yep. I used to live in that neighborhood, and was consistently underwhelmed by Rita Flora. A big "whatever."

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            When I moved to LA 12 years ago this place was packed with the "beautiful people" every day of the week. Always a little expensive ( just like the flowers) but high quality food and pastries. What went wrong?
            Tried it again for lunch recently and was shocked. Tried to order food-to-go at 11:45am but was told that I couldn't order until 12:00pm as the computer was somehow only able to process breakfast items. Wierd. No one takes our order until 12:10pm (even though there were several waiters and managers walking around) and it then tkes another 20mins to get two sandwiches and a side of potatoes!!!The bill was more than $25 and the food completely underwhelming.

            Oh yeah there were a total of two other people in there on a Sat. All in all a little saddened but not surprised about the news that it's closing.

        2. Had a soft-spot. That said, have moved on and V. excited to try the new noodle house when it opens. Noodles, yum!

          1. Noodles amongst flowers. hmmm. Well, I never cared for the food there, the only draw was to eat amongst flowers. They should have served up some flowers too.