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Mar 3, 2007 11:38 AM

Marylanders in Vegas [Moved from DC & Baltimore]

I've been to the Southwest boards to get some recs for an upcoming trip to Vegas. And I found some suggestions but there was an awful lot of reference to dinners that were way out of my price range (hundreds of dollars). This is just a fun trip with some friends to get away from it all. We're not interested in lavish dinners that are so over the top that you have to eat them in Barcaloungers.

We'll probably eat more food for lunch and then pub fare at night. We're not interested in the traditional vegas buffet which I hear has thankfully gone out the window.

We were thinking maybe The Mesa Grill for one lunch. We all have different taste so regional cuisine unless it's Italian probably won't appeal to all. I'm betting that fresh is a major criteria.

Also does anyone have any recs for the best breakfast in Vegas? I've heard that Verandah at The Four Seasons is good for brekky. We will be at The Paris and we will have a car.

I know this is slightly OT her-e on the Balt/Wash food boards but I have a Baltimore palate, whatever that is, and want to know what others from the region think of as
The best place for lunch in the range of $25-50 pp
The best pub food
The best breakfast
Any other gastronomic must-dos.

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  1. for lunch've probably read many posts about rosemary's....with a's worth a drive - whether or not for lunch or's worth it !! sounds like you prefer more casual places...for real casual and a quick bite to eat, i suggest capriotti's sandwiches - locations - where you are at, you've got the sahara location...just off the strip or you have the flamingo location, just west of decatur....or ..across the street from capriotti's on flamingo you have metro pizza...i'm a big fan of their triple play - thin crust covered with100 pounds of sausage with a thin crust...apparently chicago style since they cut it in squares ( i cannot attest to the authenticity )

    i am a big fan of hash house a go-go - with a group you can share in their pancakes, special benedicts and special hashes...huge portions !!! one of these days i will try one of their 1 pound burgers ...but i'm still enjoying the breakfast menu.

    for pub fare....i'm a fan of mcmullan's irish pub - nest door to orleans casino...again i cannot comment on authenticity, but i've liked everything i've eaten there...of course...if you are going to be touristy...and daring....2 things - the mega dog at slots of fun and the fried desserts at ...oh damn...what's the name of's in downtown....on the fremont'll see it...they'll have signs for fried oreo's twinkee's etc...i haven't tried in a few's basically county fair faire !
    i'm a fan of florida cafe...but it might be too much for your group...given the different taste criteria you's definitely in your price mexican to much...lindo mihoagan is worth a about ellis island or maybe salt lick bbq at the red rock casino...

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      thanks for the recs. Lots to chew on (pun intended)
      personally I like indian and thai food but not everyone shares my tastes so your ideas are much appreciated.

    2. We love India Palace on Twain....
      and of course Lotus of Siam.....a meal to remember for fabulous Thai food!

      For a fun breakfast...huge portions and an Old Time Vegas feel...The Peppermill next to the Riviera.

      1. For lunch, if the weather is nice, is recommend Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris and wait to get a table outside. I also like BaBaReeba at the Fashion Show Mall for patio sitting. For decent food at a reasonable price, I like Simon Kitchen & Bar at the Hard Rock and Rosemary's. Kind of along the lines of pub food, the Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay is good.