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Mar 3, 2007 11:08 AM

Desperately need a good place for brunch next Friday!!!

I have a special friend who has a layover on her flight next Friday morning. Flight arrives at 9 am, and she must be back at the airport by no later than noon. Any recommendations?!

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  1. Where? It's a big state...

    1. i dont think many places serve a brunch menu on friday's. But i think you will be able to find breakfast?

      there are alot of airports in California haha

      1. If her layover is at Lindbergh Field in San Diego, try Cafe 222 at 2nd and Island in downtown. Food is good, atmosphere is funky and you can get from the airport, to the restaurant, eat and be back at the airport in less than 3 hours.

        1. I'm also assuming that you're talking about San Diego ... if so, I recommend Cafe 222 (see DiningDiva's rec) and The Mission (1250 J St., just on the other side of the ballpark). Both do great breakfasts, but I'm partial to the Mission's a) cinnamon french toast and b) Mission croissant.