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Mar 3, 2007 11:03 AM

Is there any good food by the ABC outlet in the Bronx?

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  1. Arthur Avenue (Little Italy) is about 4 miles north.

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    1. re: devil

      I didn't realize it was that close. Thanks!

      1. re: jeangrand

        There's also Real Azteca, the Mexican place I and others have written about before. It's convenient if you're taking the 6 train to Hunts Point.

        Also, if you're with car, there's that new BBQ place down Hunts Point Ave - the one that was written up in the Times a couple of weeks ago. I'll take a walk down there for lunch when the weather gets warmer, and report back.

    2. Fratelli's Pizza Cafe
      404 Hunts Point Ave
      Bronx, NY 10474
      (718) 542-7340

      Look --->

      Look here too --->

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      1. re: Cheese Boy

        Wow, thanks for the tip, can't wait for the weather to get better for a little lunchtime excursion.

        1. re: Helen F

          Yes, I have some great options for my carpet returns this weekend! Thanks!