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Mar 3, 2007 11:01 AM

Twisted Noodle open in Durham

Ate at Twisted Noodle for lunch today. I had soup (Tom Yum Kia Num Prik Paw to be exact) for 6.95. It was a nice big bowl with noodles, chicken and bean sprouts and a slightly sour broth. My husband had spicy garlic basil chicken--small chunks of chicken in a light sauce. It came with a very large bowl of rice. I liked the covered bowl the rice was served in. My husband would have like a few vegetable mixed in with the chicken, but he thought the flavor was very good. If you like things hot, you will need to ask them to push things up a notch. Ours were both supposed to be spicy dishes, but we found them to be only slightly above mild.

The only negative was that it took quite a while to get our meal. Our waitress said they had pushed the "grand opening" back a couple of times until they get all the kinks worked out, so if you have a limited lunch hour you may want to wait a bit before you try it out.

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  1. Last weekend we ordered takeout from Twisted Noodle the owner was actually concerned that a Chowhound post could bring in too many people before they were ready, so i held back. He was honest with us and told us it would take a while, but it took much, much too long. They truly aren't ready for their grand opening yet, but I have to say, when we finally got the food, it was very good, in my opinion better than Thai Cafe. I can't remember everything we got - we ordered a lot - the squid salad was amazing, the pad thai only average, but i think pad thai is one of those things best ordered eat-in. chicken larb (?) super delicious. we also had a vegetable stir fry that was fresh and delicious - better than any veggie stir fry i've had in a restaurant stateside, coconut chicken soup - yummy - miles better than thai cafe tom yam, which i find to be particularly bad (thai cafe does have some good stuff, but it's not the tom yam) masaman beef had a great flavor but wasn't as tender as i would have liked. i think the last dish was a green curry with shrimp, which was excellent. once they get their timing together and their kitchen staffed properly, this will be an excellent addition to the durham dining scene. the owner is super friendly and knows what the kinks are that he needs to work out.

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        I have to agree with Suse. Twisted Noodle is not ready for crowds. We were in the restaurant almost an hour from our arrival to getting out check and we only ordered two items. Two gentlemen next to us left without ever ordering. Just bear that in mind if you decide to pay a visit. I am looking forward to my next visit, but will wait a while to make it.

      2. http://twistednoodles.com/

        4201 University Drive #112
        Durham, NC 27707

        1. A friend and I went there Saturday night for dinnner. We had the beef satay, Tom Yum soup with shrimp, shrimp pad thai and a vegetable stir fry with beef. The Tom Yum soup was a huge portion - more than enough for 2 - and plenty spicy (a little too spicy for my friend) - very good. The pad thai was okay - along the lines of the Thai Cafe - but several dollars cheaper. We also had the Thai beer they sell (don't remember the name but was good).

          My only complaint was that we got the soup followed almost immediately by the entrees and then the beef satay. By the time we got around to eating the vegies with beef it was almost cold.

          All in all - we enjoyed the meal very much and will return.

          1. I took the family for dinner last Firday night. We arrived at 6PM to a half full restaurant. We ordered Twisted Sring rolls as an app and they are the best spring rolls I've ever had. They were chock full of veg and meat. For dinner, we ordered pad thai, pad see eew, panang curry with shrimp and squid, and chargrilled chicken. The pad thai was not very good. it had a odd red color, overly sweet-- just not interesting at all. The pad see eew was a totally opposite experience. The rice noodles was so tender it practically melted in your mouth, the beef was perfectly cooked (tender), and the chinese broccoli provided a wonderful crunch. The panang curry was fine but Thai Palace is better. While we were waiting a horde (15?) of Thai students from Duke came in and, understandably, the smooth operation they had going went to hell. We received our chicken dish well after our other three dishes. It had a mild smokey flavor that was nice but should have come with a side of peanut sauce IMO. The diners next to us wanted to order anoher dish after their initial entrees arrived but the owner told then that it was too late. But I'm not going to hold these things against them. Fifteen diners coming in en masse would screw up anybody's opening.

            I returned with colleagues for lunch today. I had the massaman curry. It was good but tasted very much like the panang curry with potatoes added. One of my colleagues ordered the spicy noodle soup and a gigantic bowl of soup arrived. I had a bite and enjoyed its spiciness.

            I wouldn't say that Twisted Noodle is any better or worse than Thai Cafe, Thai Palace, or Thai Villa. However, their prices are way cheaper than the other three. Most of the curries, noodle dishes, and soups are $6.95!

            1. We went on Saturday night to get dinner and we are always happy to find a new Thai place that has opened up (we're from the Northwest, where there is a plethora of Thai food). I read the early report and knew it might be a bit slow on the service side. After some initial confusion when we first walked in, we were seated and then ordered up a good sized dinner between us (spring rolls, drunken noodles with chicken, coconut milk marinated chicken, and one of the fried rices with pork). I also had a Thai Iced Tea which was pretty good.

              It took a little bit of time to order, though we did expect this. However, all of the food came out at exactly the same time, so we didn't get to enjoy the spring rolls as an appetizer as we would have liked before the rest of the meal. They were very enjoyable, though, and thankfully they used chicken instead of shrimp in them (my girlfriend won't eat shrimp).

              The coconut chicken was somewhat of a disappointment. The marinade didn't really lend enough of a flavor to the chicken compared to what I expected, and however it was cooked made the chicken a little dryer and tougher than I would have liked. The next day we used the leftovers to make some good friend rice, though.

              The drunken noodles were good, nothing bad to say about them. It was the one entree we managed to totally finish off at dinner. The fried rice was good, but very peppery, and we didn't really expect that from the description. This was compounded by the fact that we hadn't had our water refilled in over 30 minutes at this point, since they really could use another server or two at the restaurant. Other than the pepper issue, it was very tasty as well.

              Overall, the service at the restaurant was pretty bad. They need another server, and a busboy to deal with dishes, but the food was pretty good and cheap overall. We might wait for a month or two for them to work out the quirks, but we will go back when we want some Thai food for a reasonable price.