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Mar 3, 2007 10:58 AM

ISO Dinner near Old Orchard Mall 4 reasonable price

Does good food exist near old orchard mall that's not too expensive? $20 per person range? I'm on a budget for this meal. I'm trying to coordinate an early 5:00 dinner for 5 people.


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  1. Yes, quite a few places in and near the mall. What is "ISO"? And, when you say $20, do you mean $20 including tax and tip, or $20 entrees?

    1. "ISO" in search of.

      Yes $20 tax, tip and entree. Not to worried about alcohol and open to all types of food.

      1. Aha! Thanks.

        That's a fairly low price threshold, and rules out places that I would otherwise recommend, like Don's Fishmarket, Maggiano's, and Bonefish Grill.

        One possibility is pizza. In the mall, there's California Pizza Kitchen. Just south of the mall, on Skokie Blvd, is a location of Edwardo's, for stuffed deep-dish pizza.

        California Pizza Kitchen -
        Edwardo's -

        You might be able to get through the Cheesecake Factory (in the mall) on that budget but it would be iffy and would really depend on what you order.

        Cheesecake Factory -

        Also in the mall is Billy Berk's, with everything from deli sandwiches and burgers, salads, etc to steaks and seafood.

        Billy Berk's -

        Kittycorner from the southeast corner of the mall, in the Northshore Doubletree Hotel (or whatever they're calling it; it's been under endless renovation), is the Daily Grill, which has American food.

        Daily Grill -

        The Bagel is a Jewish deli type restaurant in the mall, with deli sandwiches, etc.

        The Bagel -

        Chammps Americana is a sports bar / restaurant in the mall that serves burgers, sandwiches, entrees, etc.

        Chammps Americana -

        For Thai food, Ruby of Siam has a location in a strip mall on Skokie Blvd south of the mall. As Thai food goes, it's okay - not the best, but not dreadful either.

        Ruby of Siam -

        All of the above are reasonably good, and (in some cases, depending on what you order) should come in within your budget. The pizza places, Ruby of Siam, and the Bagel are generally less expensive than the other places listed here.

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        1. re: nsxtasy

          I recommend Ruby of Siam as we have been there many times and really enjoy their food. It will come in under budget or on budget.

          1. re: dlpens

            If you DO decide on Ruby of Siam, its visibility from Skokie Blvd isn't great, because the strip mall runs east-west and you won't see it till you're past where you need to turn. To get there, go south from Old Orchard and Golf Road (that's the southeast corner of the shopping center) and go one SHORT block on Skokie Blvd, then turn right at the first street (Foster St), which is right after the IHOP restaurant. The strip mall will then be on your left and you must enter it from Foster anyway. Ruby of Siam is roughly in the middle.

            1. re: nsxtasy

              Thanks for the detailed directions and rec's. I'm leaning towards Ruby of Siam since it will be easier to accomodate vegetarian options.

              If there are any specific dishes to try or steer clear of that would be appreciated.

              I usually go panang curry and pad kee mao or pad woonseen. It's too hard to find good pad thai so I typically don't gamble on it.


              1. re: kauai2b

                They have pretty good panang (one of my favorites) and their other dishes are typical, nothing that is a "must have" or a "must avoid". Sounds like it will be perfect for your needs. Enjoy!

        2. Also another chain with good reviews and for that price range there is Bonefish Grill just south of Ruby of Siam - at the Skokie Blvd and Gross Point -

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          1. re: weinstein5

            I mentioned Bonefish as being above the OP's budget in my earlier post. Most entrees there are in the $14-18 range. It's pretty tough to eat there for only $20 per person including beverage (even non-alcoholic), tax, and tip, as he's/she's looking for.

            Yes, it's pretty good, and slightly less expensive than Don's Fishmarket, which is also very good. I hope they can both survive, what with being two seafood restaurants right across the street from each other.

          2. I'll probally end up trying both eventually so no harm. I need a long hiatus from fish though I just came back from Hawaii not too long ago (hence the budget). I'm betting I may be disappointed if I go for seafood so close to being back from the islands especially considering chicago pricing for fish!