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Mar 3, 2007 10:58 AM

Decadant desserts in Tampa?

I'm looking for somewhere to have great dessert and coffee. I know about the place at Bern's and I do want to go, but I'd like to get your suggestions. I love a good cupcake, really any homemade decadant dessert!!! Looking forward to your suggestions!

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  1. I'm not a big fan of chains, but the cheesecake at the Capital Grille is really good. They use 'Nilla Wafers instead of graham crackers for the crust and it's quite good. I prefer it over the Cheesecake Factory stuff.

    Also, whether or not you like the appetizers/main course cuisine at Sidebern's, their desserts are pretty decadent and rich. We just had the chocolate cake with melted dulce de leche inside last night and it was *really* good.

    If you like cupcakes, Chocolate π (It's the pi symbol, not the word "Pie") in South Tampa on MacDill usually has that type of stuff. They made my 30th birthday cake and I will never go elsewhere for my cakes after some really bad luck with so called famous and master cake makers in Miami and South Tampa. They have a little sitting area inside where you can sit and enjoy. Kim is awesome and people still rave about that cake almost a year later!

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      Heather, can you go to chocolate pi and pick up smaller items to go? Their website doesn't have an address..only po box. do you know whereabouts on macdill it is?

    2. Panne Rustica had some incredible looking cupcakes on its pastry counter last week. I almost broke my diet -- almost!

      For cheap good eats (but alas no cupcakes that I recall) go to Don Pan on Dale Mabry just a block north of Kennedy Blvd. The single expresso is about double what you get at Panne Rustica for half the price. The pastries and desserts are really incredible and very reasonable. And if you go for lunch you can have an arrepa. I think Don Pan is one of the Tampa areas most under-appreciated spots. you will love it.

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        if you go to Pane Rustica, check out Mike's Pies in the same strip. evil stuff, still trying to forget the great orange pie. i've been trying to avoid that block ever since i went last august. between Pane Rustica and Mike's Pies, there is just too much temptation.

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          I second Mike's Pies. Also, farther south on MacDill is Joffrey's coffee shop. They also serve Mike's Pies, plus some delicious ice cream (their Splenda chocolate is quite good).

      2. Bern's best dessert is the appropriately named King Midas. All homemade: carrot cake topped with macadamia nut ice cream and I always get hot fudge sauce on top as well. I once had two of them. Only thing better is their steaks!!

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          Not exactly a ringing endorsement bringing in the steaks as they are nowhere near as good as their desserts. The desserts at berns are amazing. They have a sepearate restaurant just for desserts btw.

        2. andy huse-Is Mike's Pies in the same shopping center? Gosh I loved Pane Rustica. I haven't had the desserts there, though!

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          1. re: HeatherFL

            yes, at the other end of the same strip. Dangerous. Very dangerous. But unfortunately, no fruit pies sold by the slice that i saw. I'm very glad this place isn't too close to my house--- or Pane Rustica, for that matter.

          2. I've not tried their cupcakes, but a TON of people have highly endorsed Kalupa's cupcakes...they're located on MacDill. Its a take out bakery...but it might be worth a look.