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Shamrock Shake

I need to begin by stating that I don't like McDonalds. I haven't eaten any of their "food" in a long time. However, every spring I do see to find myself helplessly in their drive-thru in need of a Shamrock Shake. So last night, I made my way over there craving that delightful fake mint flavor and much to my surprise, the kid working the window didn't know what I was talking about. He had apparently never heard of such a thing. So what's up with that? I recently moved to Virginia from Chicago, are Shamrock Shakes a regional thing? Do people on the east coast get denied the glory of fake minty goodness?

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  1. I've had one and LOVED it (and I'm a native) but I think they stopped bringing them around in the ones I went to. But my Mcdonald's could be an exception.

    I also really liked those candy cane sundays and they stopped having those too. Dang!

    1. It must be a regional thing. I am from the South. I have never had one, seen one, or even heard of Shamrock Shakes until I ran across the topic on Chowhound last March.

      1. they've been offered around Atlanta in years past, haven't seen it this year, though.

        1. They were definitely in NYC in the 80s. No clue if they're around now.

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            I asked a day before St Patrick's in my suburban NYC McDonald's and they'd never heard of them. Another customer said that not in New York State, period.

            I used to get them near Boston growing up....

          2. I, too, fall victim to the siren call of the Shamrock Shake every year. Here in RI, not every McDonalds carries them, though. I think it's the decision of the franchise owner. I found one that seems to have them (Bald Hill Rd, Warwick) year after year so I haven't strayed to search for another.

            1. I know that in northern Indiana they are very popular but in central and southern Indiana much harder to find. I have co-worker who loves them but can't find them. If I find a franchise that carries them I will buy one and put in it in the freezer to take to work for her.

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                  I sent McDonald's an email asking about it and this was the response (a few days AFTER St Patrick's Day btw and LONG after my email) ...

                  Hello R W:

                  Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald's. We appreciate your interest in our Shamrock Shake.

                  The Shamrock Shake is a "promotional" product offered for a limited time only. Since the decision to offer promotional products is made on a region by region basis, I have forwarded your comments to the McDonald's regional office in your area for their consideration in deciding if they will offer the Shamrock Shakes to their customers next year.

                  Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald's and sharing your comments with us. Hopefully, the Shamrock Shake will be offered at your local McDonald's next year.

                  Soooo ... I would suggest contacting McDonald's if you want to see the Shamrock shake in your area. I have heard that emailing McDonald's corporate rather than McDonald's USA is more effective. I sent it to McDonald's USA which has a crummy email response asking for all sorts of info like address and phone before allowing you to send an email.

                  Haven't heard a thing from the regional office yet.

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                    >> Haven't heard a thing from the regional office yet.

                    I wouldn't count on it. I am one of those people who LOVES McDonalds food - could eat there every day except that I would be as big as a barrel - and I went through the crummy email response system because at my usual McDonalds, my orders were consistently being filled incorrectly because of, I suspected, employees who had problems understanding English and/or insufficient training.

                    I'm talking about grossly incorrect orders.

                    On the two occasions I contacted McDonalds, I was told that I would receive a "personal response by telephone". Never happened.

                2. wow, this is strange. last year I had this same issue, decided I wanted my kids to have the same experiences I did and went through a McDonalds drive thru by my house. no such thing. i also wrote to mcd's and got the same reply. i have always associated st. paddy's day with shamrock shakes, even more so than green beer. *shakes head* what is the world coming to? :o)

                  1. I just saw a sign at McDonald's for a green mint Shrek shake- I didn't try it but for those who miss the shamrock shake, I bet it's the same formula (I'd say "recipe", but it IS McDonalds alfter all ;-))

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                      They should call it Shrek Drek.

                      Unlike the shamrock shake which has a creme de menthe taste, this has a spearmint taste ... like someone added a few drops of mouthwash to your vanilla shake.

                      That was the only saving grace ... it wasn't an overpowering mint taste. But it was really sweet (like Shrek?). On the first sip I immediately thought ... HFCS.

                      The Jack in the Box Andes mint shake is closer to the shamrock shake ... if only they didn't have those chocolate pieces in it.

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                        Ugh! Thanks for testing it out RW! We heard about this one this weekend because P. feels completely gyped about missing his birthday Shamrock Shake..