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Mar 3, 2007 10:41 AM

NYC chowhound w/1 yr old- London & Sussex visit recs

I have searched the boards regarding "child friendly" restaurants in London and have found that we may be doomed to take away & fast food/chains. Is there hope? We love good food- but also don't want to inflict our charming, but nevertheless 16 month old son, on the dining world if it is frowned upon. (In Manhattan we stick to very early meals, and most restaurants except the most high end, have high chairs.)

Suggestions for good eats that won't pale at the sight of a toddler? (I have already made note of the fish and chips post)

Also- we will be in Rye, Sussex for several days as well. Recommendations for quick bites as well as restaurants?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You'll enjoy Rye. It's a very nice town with lots to see. Don't laugh, but I really enjoyed an afternoon tea at a place called Simon the Pie Man. I think it's on Lion Street. They do a really authentic and delicious cream tea but the food on the menu also looked very appealing. There's a place called the Mermaid Inn that looked interesting - nice outdoor patio and it was packed.

    1. Chez Bruce is very good with kids . . . my friend Ben recently had a very good meal there where the staff provided kids meals and were generally more than tolerant of their behaviour. It's high end cuisine bourgeois and you should book ahead if you want to go.

      1. I had a great meal last year at Aldo Zilli's main restaurant, (Zilli fish) and there were a number of smaller kids in the restaurant. They were predominantly of Italian heritage and seemed to spend half the evening being carried around by the waiters. But it had the feel of a family friendly restaurant in Italy where kids are important. You may need to book or you may be lucky and walk in (probably not at the weekends) but if you can't make it for dinner then grab an icecream from his cafe next door!

        1. You might try Ransome's in Ransome's Dock - pretty child friendly, very good modern food, even better wine list and just a few moments from Battersea Park for family running about afterwards! La Spigetta in Blandford St I think is pretty child friendly - very good simple Italian food. Do try and get to Chez Bruce if you can - I didn't know it was child friendly, and you'll be guaranteed a really great meal there.

          Harden's is a pretty reliable guide, and their website has a filter for "children's facilities" - lots of excellent places on the list in all areas.

          1. When I was in Rye about 3 years ago, the Landgate Bistro was very good (and is still Good Food Guide listed - cooking 4). Good pub grub at the Ypres Castle which has a beer garden and good views.