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Mar 3, 2007 10:36 AM

Lunch at The Ivy suggestions

I have reservations for a Friday in April at 1:30pm. Will be visiting from Florida and would like some suggestions for lunch. Would like some non-seafood suggestions as I don't really care for seafood (but friends do). I know it is pricey, but feel like it's a must for tourists :) Thanks in advance.

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  1. A lot of people criticize The Ivy, but it is what it is and I enjoy it quite a bit. If you order well, you will enjoy the food and have a lovely lunch. And probably see some kind of celeb. I have never yet been without seeing 'somebody'. Here are my picks for a perfect lunch:

    CORN CHOWDER as an appetizer. This is one of the best corn chowders you will ever have. It is silky, spicy and rich with corn. I love it. A great way to start the meal. A lot of people rave about the crab cakes; they are good but not amazing, to me. This is fine, of course, since you are not into seafood, but just a note to the others with whom you are dining.

    MESQUITE GRILLED CHOPPED SALAD - This is one of my favorite all time dishes. They grill all the vegetables, even the lettuce, over mesquite, so that everything is infused with the mesquite flavor, then they chop them all up and serve it warm with an excellent vinaigrette. (You can also get it with chicken or shrimp.) It is a huge salad, so a half portion is fine unless you want some take home.

    PRALINE SQUARE – This is another all time favorite, an excellent praline square served with homemade praline ice cream and chocolate syrup to drizzle all over it. Yum.

    Have fun and enjoy. Try to get a table outside if you can – although it being LA that also means traffic and exhaust fumes, so some people like inside. The Ivy is a lovely way to do lunch.

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      Definitely yay on the Chopped Salad (I get w/o avocado, but that's my thing...), and as long as you know it's pricey, and don't mind, it's the best.

    2. The drinks, e.g., mint julep, Ramos Fizz, et al. are good.

      1. Thank you for the suggestions! Looking forward to our trip :)

        1. I really enjoyed the chicken tostada that I had there. It was enormous and very good. Definitely expensive, but better than you would expect from a "dive" type restaurant.

          1. Got to agree with the corn chowder!

            And get the Tart Tartin for dessert... heaven.