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Mar 3, 2007 10:18 AM

[DFW] Ajisen Review

We went to Ajisen for lunch today (the latest addition to Chinatown in Richardson). It's Japanese owned and their ramen is VERY AUTHENTIC (I'm a native).

They cook the noodles right and their Tonkotsu (pork) soup was very good. We finished all the soup :-) $7.95 and up (pricey for ramen)

Just don't order Shoyu(soy sauce) Ramen--there are about 4 shoyu-based flavers. $6.95 and up. It was pretty bad unfortunately (shoyu ramen is my favorite).

They also have yaki udon, donburi(bowls), sushi, bento boxes, etc.

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  1. Awesome. Thanks for your review. I was awaiting your ramen recommendation, as was 1/2 this board, I'm sure.

    1. Thanks for the report. Based on that glowing review, I'm making it a point to check Ajisen out sometime in the next week.

      1. I will have to respectfully disagree with kuidaore's comments. While I'm not native Japanese, I have visited Japan on several occasions and have had authentic ramen while I was there. I did order the Shoyu ramen, but would not recommend any of the other flavors, unless they used a different type of noodle. A couple of items to note:
        1. Noodles tasted like instant noodles. Unacceptable!
        2. Soup base was too salty (even by Shoyu standards) and was heavily-laden with MSG.
        3. Toppings were not bad. My pork tasted fairly authentic, however bamboo shoots were a bit over-cooked.
        4. I also ordered Agedashi tofu. The batter was too thick and tofu was served too hot. It burnt my tongue!
        5. Ajisen is a popular chain in Asia. I went to one in Shanghai and the ramen was excellent. Pretty sure this restaurant is not formerly affiliated with the chain.
        6. Atmosphere was very nice. Interior decorum was very polished and chic. Restrooms were clean. Too bad about the food though...

        1. I don't think it's a part of this FC chain. (I checked before I went).

          I said the shoyu ramen was pretty bad (I finished my partner's tonkotsu soup and left all my soup.) I don't eat instant ramen, but I like hard noodles/pasta.

          I wouldn't bother with their gyoza (Otasty's frozen gyoza is better :-


          IMHO the decor doesn't match the food they serve. It reminded me of an old-fashioned coffee shop in Japan.

          Do you like Mr. Wok's ramen?

          1. Per your recommendation, I've been to Ajisen twice now. Both times I had the BBQ tonkatsu ramen bowl with a side of fried rice. The broth was pleasantly mild and tasty, though I'll concede the noodles were slightly disappointing, with an instant flavor and texture to them. Still the best ramen I've had in Texas by miles, though. The fried rice side is really a whole serving in a lovely laquer box. On the first visit it was perfect, though on the second it turned out greasy and over-oniony. My companion the first time had the spicy kim chee ramen and wasn't all that impressed. The second time around, the friend I brought was vegan, which didn't present any complications at all. She specified a plain miso broth with just noodles and vegetables, made extra spicy. The result packed a punch, and she was pleased. Just an FYI for any vegans out there.

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              We know a guy who knows the two Japanese chefs there and grew up in Japan. He says their sushi is good. He says to sit at the counter and ask for Shige-san.