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San Antonio -- but not Tex-Mex?

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Any recommendations for a Saturday dinner with out-of-town guests? Wanted to try The Sandbar, but I saw it was only open for lunch and not Saturdays. Want to share something other than Tex-Mex (not that I don't love it, but we're up for something different.)

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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  1. I would heartily recomend Bin 555 (Chef Dady of The Lodge at Castle Hills in a relaxed casual atmosphere with an outdoor patio) , Cafe Paladar (ex Cafe Mariposa in a now enlarged Loop 1604 location), or Azuca (southtown)/Pasion (loop 1604). Latter two are Latin inspired but definately not Tex-Mex. I doubt if you would be disappointed at any of the four.

    1. The recs. are terrific, but I'd like to add a little known gem in the northwest part of SA. Meson...on DeZaval, just off I-10... is a treasure. Soothing room, candlelight colors and some of the best food in town. The pastas are very good; the tableside cesare salad is scrumptious; the veal dishes are heavenly. If they offer cream of asparagus soup, don't miss it. Too good. I can't imagine why there isn't a line out to the parking; the food and the service is that good!

      1. Depending on your location and whether you want to drive, I second the recommendation for El Meson Europeo---as noted the veal is terrific and so is the pasta carbonara. In Southtown very close to Azuca is La Frite Belgian Bistro. They have a super steak tartare, the mussels are terrific as well as the bread (same owner as Bistro Vatel) and the shrimp appetizer. It's a livelier atmosphere than El Meson so it also depends what you're looking for in terms of a dining experience.

        1. Le Frite Belgian Bistro
          Green Vegetarian - This place is quickly becoming a favorite.
          Niki's Tokyo Inn on Hildebrand
          Biga on the Banks


          1. La Reve is lovely, French, possibly the best restaurant in texas.

            1. I like Pesca, Las Canarias, Le Reve. Is Sandbar open these days? It is always closed on the weekdays I try to get in.

              1. Thanks so very much for all your thoughtful replies! Will see if we can get into Azuca, since it's in the historic district and one of my friends is quite a sketch artist -- she'll enjoy the sights.

                1. Biga on the Banks is a great restaurant, great prices, great food and service.