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Mar 3, 2007 08:56 AM

Best New York Pizza in SF/Oakland?

Anyone know of a real New York Pizza place in the San Fran Oakland area? HELP!!!

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    1. I thought Paxti's on Hayes was much better than Little Star...

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      1. re: Mr_J

        Whichever is better, they're both Chicago-style.

      2. exactly. Im looking for real new york style. greasy, cheesey thin crust heaven...looks like its between Gioia, Lanespitter, PITS and Arinell....

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        1. re: Zion

          2d vote for Gioia...from a former New Yorker.

          1. re: Zion

            Rotten City Pizza in Emeryville is the best NY pizza I have found in years. Don't miss it. They have nailed the thin curst that isn't droopy with great quality ingredients. Better than Gioia.

            Rotten City Pizza
            6613 Hollis St, Emeryville, CA 94608

          2. I still say Haystack Pizza in Noe Valley. They have a pizza called The New Yorker that reminds me of Ray's.

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            1. re: NoeMan

              I got so upset when Ray's moved from across the street where it sat for a hundred years, to another location that isn't really walking distance from my hotel anymore. Not so much that I loved their pizza, I loved their servers/owner/etc.

            2. I saw your posting and ordered a half-sausage half-pepperoni pie from Haystack to be delivered. Ugh. It's nothing like any of the NY pie I remember from my years in NY and NJ. It had a thick puffy crust and a completely different cheese combination and flavor than my memories. It was certainly not the fold-lengthwise wet consistency to which I'm used.

              The closest that I've been able to find in San Francisco is Village Pizza; one on Clement at Arguello, another on Van Ness near Bush. (There might be more locations.)

              Meh; what I really want is an all-night NY pie place - this posting has made me hungry.

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              1. re: mickeys

                There's a Village Pizza on Park St in Alameda. I wonder if it's a branch.

                1. re: DezzerSF

                  Village Pizza in Alameda is an independent, not part of th SF chain.

                  Is there still an branch in the Rincon Center? If you ask, they will add minced garlic to the pizza then warm it briefly in the oven. My mouth is watering just thinking of it.

                  1. re: Miss Misha

                    The Village Pizzeria menu that came with my last delivery only references the Van Ness location, and one at Taraval between 21st & 22d -- no mention of Clement St. or Alameda.

                2. re: mickeys

                  You need to follow the instructions more carefully. The pizza I recommended is called The New Yorker and it is cheese only with a perfect New York style crust................... I did not recommend anything else.

                  1. re: NoeMan

                    It's true the New Yorker is different...thinner crust, scorched a little...

                      1. re: NoeMan

                        I get it unsliced so that I can reheat/crisp it on my pizza stone....

                    1. re: NoeMan

                      I'm sorry I wasn't clearer in my original post about exactly what to order.

                      1. re: NoeMan

                        My better half is from the East Coast, and she had this craving for NY style pizza. After reading the recommendations about Haystack, we went and had the "New Yorker" pizza.

                        Nowhere near the real thing - is her verdict. My personal favourites are Delfina and Pizza Orgasmica, BTW.

                        1. re: osho

                          I like Pizzeria Delfina's pizza, but it's nothing like anything I've had in New York.

                          They call it "Neapolitan-inspired" but the crust is crisper, thicker, and not cooked in a wood pizza oven.

                          1. re: Robert Lauriston

                            Agreed. Their pizza can also be quite "droopy" in the center of the pie. The pizzas are quite tasty, but not my all-around favorite, and don't strike me as all that NY-like really, either.

                            1. re: Robert Lauriston

                              I should clarify that I simply like the pizza at Delfina and Pizza Orgasmica. I grew up in the UK, so this "NY-style" paradigm escapes me entirely.