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Mar 3, 2007 08:43 AM

Planning my son's 1st birthday party .. HELP

My son is turning 1 in a few months and I can't find a place to celebrate his birthday ..

With so many people to invite I think a lunch buffet or Sunday Brunch is the answer ...
The Ritz Carlton in Pasadena is PERFECT but I haven't won the lottery yet - J/K
I prefer somewhere in the Pasadena / Burbank / Glendale areas ...
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks in advance!!!!

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  1. How many people are you looking to feed? And how long do you plan on being at the restaurant (an hour or two or is this is an extended thing)?

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      My wife's guestlist is approx. 30 people ...
      2-3 hours I suppose ...

    2. Not quite your area, but close... Sherman Oaks... I attended a nice baby shower at Rive Gauche a few months ago. Cafe Bizou has a private room in back. I was also at nice party last month at Cafe Cordiale.

      1. What kind of food? Have you considered doing it at your place? Doing it yourself with purchased stuff? (TJ, Costco, Bristol, Gelson's, Julienne) Catered? Fortunately for you he's too young for Chuck E Cheese. Do you want a restaurant thing, or would a park do? I've seen any number of fandangos at Garfield Park in South Pas. I assume you have to reserve or get there early and nail down all the tables and grills??? I've also seen some at the park adjacent to Kidspace in Pas.

        1. Based on my own experience, having a b-day party for a one year old in a restaurant w/ presumeably a lot of other kids, might not be the most fun/relaxing time. You might want to check out a place called Naya's Garden in Silverlake. Went to a kid's party there about a year ago. It's an indoor play space geared toward the young, but there is an enclosed garden space in the back and picnic tables inside for lunch./breakfast - I believe you rent the space by the hour (they might even provide the obligatory goodie bags for the youngsters) I think you can bring in your own food, or they'll order pizza etc. for you. I think if you did some easy catering there you'd have a great time.

          1. Never tried it for a group, but the Tea Room at Huntington Gardens always seemed like it could be really pleasant for something like this. Know they will cater for groups. Gardens are aslo a great relaxing place for the little ones to crawl around in and not be trapped inside a restaurant. But you also have to pay for general admission to get your guests into the gardens on top of the meal so might get a little up there depending on your budget. Dim sum at a place like Ocean Seafood could be another more economical option...