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Jul 9, 2005 12:53 PM

Where to buy Dried Salted COD or BACALAO?

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Does anyone know where I can purchase dried salted cod? It is a main ingredient for a family dish we use to make and I would like to make it again.

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  1. you didn't say where you are located but here in the East Bay, in Albany, Zarri's Delicatessen on Solano Ave( near Masonic) has it.

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      Many stores, even some Safeway stores sell salted cod in a box. I have never used it.

      The 'bacalao' that I use, is usually fillets of dry, salted fish. There are several stores in SF in the Mission District - check out the stores on 24th near Harrison.

      What is the family recipe?

      There used to be a lot of Italian delis in North Beach, and they would have their bacalao just sitting out in a box, and the cuts were very thick. In the Mexican stores in the Mission, bacalao is kept in the fridge, and the cuts are much thinner. Most of my bacalao dishes are Italian, Greek or Spanish, but the Mexican cuts work well.

      My favorite dish (from Genoa): Bacalao salad with new potatoes, red onions, capers, parsley and parsean cheese, dressed with a little olive oil and a hint of vinegar and lemon. Yum!

      I have been tempted to substitute the dry, salted fish that I see in Asian markets for the bacalao in my Mediterranean dishes, but I never see anything 'meaty' enough to use. However I have made a version of salted fish chicken fried rice using the Asian dried fish and it turned out to be quite good - even though I did not have a recipe to work from.

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      Robert Lauriston

      My current favorite is from Spanish Table. It's in the freezer or refrigerator. Very high quality.

      Pretty much any Italian deli should have it.

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        Boulette's Larder in the Ferry Building has it. Last I saw they had the big fillets which I like better than the smaller stuff in the wood boxes.

        1. Molinari's in North Beach sells salt cod by the pound.

          1. If you are in the North Beach area, Palermo Delicatessan sells bacalao. Bought some there a few months ago and it was really good. Beware, it's not a salty as some of the other bacalao that I've had.

            Or go to any Mexican market.