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Mar 3, 2007 08:28 AM

cajun in park slope area?

any reports on new cajun place in park slope?
or cagun in nyc of cooking with jazz caliber?

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  1. What new cajun place in Park Slope?

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    1. re: parkslopemama

      The poster is probably referring to "NoNo Kitchen" on 7th Ave betw. 7-8th Sts. I havent been & haven't heard anything too complementary about it. The only other N.Owlins Bklyn place I know of that anyone might want to try is "Stan's Place" on Atlantic Ave, which isnt very cajun but a number of posters seem to like it well enough.

    2. I've been to NoNo kitchen and thought it was SoSo. Had a fairly mediocre catfish po-boy. The oyster one looked better, but they'd run out. I like the way the place looks inside (tin ceilings), but that's about it. Hoping that they shape up.

      1. I agree that it was so-so. The food was pretty tasty, but a little too greasy. And the shrimp etouffee hardly had enough shrimp for the price. It was good to try once because they had dishes that were interesting (The jambalaya wontons are delish) but otherwise, it was just average.

        1. Agreed with all the previous posts, but would like to add it's also surprisingly pricey.

          1. i have major problems with stan's place. i thought the food was really mediocre and the service was just horrible.