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Mar 3, 2007 08:14 AM

Best Pizza and Gelato in Rome?

I am staying in the Trastevre neighborhood but will be attending a meeting at the UN FAO. I am looking for the most amazing slice and gelato in those areas. If you have the address that would be great but if not, the street would be just as helpful.

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  1. This response relates to the FAO area -
    the neighborhood right around FAO is mostly residential (Caelio/Aventino) mixed with parks and classical ruins.
    Testaccio is a short walk from there (are you taking the tram over from trastevere? - Remo is one of themost recommended Roman pizzerie on this Board and elsewhere (Ive not been myself) and is in Testaccio , Piazza Santa Maria Liberatrice 44, 06-57-46-270but I am sure there are others. Be aware that pizzerias are not always open at lunchtime in Italy (I dont think Remo is), so call before going.
    there is a pizzeria called "Forum" a block or so from the colliseum on I think Via San Giovanni Laterano (the street that San Clemente is on that make neapolitan style (thicker)as opposed to thin roman style pizza and is quite good.
    I think there is a branch of the chain L'Insalata i Ricca near FAO. Some recommend this chain, but I would personally avoid it if possible we had boring pizzas and salads in the Trastevere branch a cpl years ago. There is a little shopping strip right along Viale Aventino there that has a chinese/SEA restaurant that looked like it might be interesting but it might also be really awful...walk down to testaccio - there is lots of good food in that neighborhood. including Volpetti and its adjoining Tavola Calda Volpetti Piu
    As for gelato, I dont know of any gelaterias in the immediate vicinity of FAO or near the colliseum - there must be someplace in Testaccio, but I dont know of any.
    There is a branch of San Crispino quite a bit lfarther out, near Piazza Zama (church there also well worth seeing, might be a nice (very long) lunchtime walk or bus ride

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        Jen...any idea if Forum is open on Sunday afternoons? I'll be in the area on a Sunday and I'm a little concerned about finding a good place for lunch that's OPEN!

      2. Thank you for sending that to me...I appreciate it :-)

        1. there have been a couple of threads about Sunday lunch in Rome in the last few weeks, so search - I recommended Volpetti Piu for a quick Sunday lunch - its a short trip by bus or foot - just a few minutes - from the colliseum on the bus (toward Piramide or Porta San Paolo) or maybe 15 min on foot. Take a tray and you will have many choices from a variety of pizzas and focacce down through meats, vegetables, pasta, dessert, etc. Very tasty, popular and reasonable in price. In nice weather lots of people eat in the park nearby. other alternatives in Testaccio I see in 2005 Gambero Rosso are Leticio, Via Galvani 64 0657250539 and La Torricella, via Evangelista Torricelli 2, 065746311 (stated to be always open).
          Trattori Luzzi, a simple neighborhood place in Caelio, on Via San Giovanni Laterano, a block or two further on from Forum is open on Sunday nights but Im not sure about lunch- near San Clemente - if you go there. look and see what people have ordered - they have stuff not on the menu, like whole fish and spaghetti con vongole.
          If you try forum, you go all the way through to the back room , past the pizza oven, where they are serving.Its a dubious location so close to the Colisseum but actually pretty good (most of the servers seem to be from the Balkans so their Italian is not so hot)
          Going in a different direction, it looks like Trattoria Monti may be open for Sunday lunch (closed in the evening) Via San Vito, 13a tel 064466573 (from 2005 Gambero Rosso)

          1. Going back to Testaccio and vicinity, Remo is definitely the "classic" pizzeria in the area. Be advisied that it is about the noisiest place I ever ate in Rome, but the pizza is great Roman style pizza. If you're staying in Trastevere, "Da Ivo" on the Via San Francesco a Ripa is also considered among the greatest. I preferred "La Fraschetta" on the Via Natale il Grande right off Viale Trastevere. For a lunch on Sunday, I can recommend the Taverna Cestia, Via Piramide Cestia 65 at the very end of the Viale Aventino. It's nothing spectacular, but the food is solid Roman cuisine and if the weather is nice, you can sit outside. Also in the area is "al Callarello, Via S. Rosa 8 (It's the piazza behind San Saba). A wonderful place to sit outside if the weather's good.

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              Its nice to climb up the hill to the San Saba church too, it has some interesting features and I like the rather hidden feel of the neighborhood.

            2. Jen, it's one of the places i would like to live in Rome, if I could. I love the "Council Housing" in the area. Very distinctive.