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Mar 3, 2007 07:39 AM

Blenheim ginger ale by the case in or near Charlotte?

Hey Carolina hounds!

Next week I'll be making a road trip down to Charlotte from Philadelphia to visit friends for a few days. Friends are nice to have, and friendship is a beautiful thing. It is for precisely this reason that I dare not tell them that the part of the trip that I am prioritizing above all others (including spending time with them) is finding some Blenheim ginger ale to bring back up to the snowy north!

I first learned about Blenheim when I lived in Atlanta, and nothing else can touch it, for obvious reasons. I haven't found it anywhere up here yet. I know they'll ship it Fedex from the bottler, but my brother did that a couple years ago and the shipping was so expensive that I actually felt guilty drinking it. Not guilty enough to stop, mind you, but guilty.

If it takes going from store to store to get the amount I want (at least 3 cases each of Hot and NAH), I'll do that, but if there's anywhere I can buy several cases at a time...

Do any of you have any ideas or secret sources? I swear I won't tell any of the Yankees up here where I got it.

Thanks for your help!


P.S. I'd also love to find Blenheim T-shirts, too.....

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  1. sometimes the fresh market has some though the one in my city, winston, has not had any since thanksgiving

    1. Not in Charlotte but likely on your way, Southern Season in CH usually has a few varieties of it.

      1. Try the Common Market in the Plaza Midwood area. It's 5 minutes from downtown and Blake the owner is knowledgeable - so i he doesn't have it anymore, will know of someone who does. Oh, and if memory serves me right, Laurel Market carries it as well.

        1. The old general store in Salisbury has it.

          Okey Dokey & Co.
          Address: 126 E Innes Street Salisbury NC 28144
          Business Phone: 704-645-8744
          Description: Picture a general store built a long, long time ago with high tin ceilings, wood floors that have been pitted by time, and the original shelves full of items that are just as useful today as they were long ago.From antiques to Zagnut Candy - you're sure to find it at Okey Dokey

          1. If you are coming all the way from Philadelphia to get ginger ale and you want to buy a lot, you could always make a side trip from Charlotte to the plant in Cheraw SC. 74 is a pretty good road, at least until Monroe NC, stoplights thereafter. I wouldn't plan on making great time on 52. You should probably call ahead. I was there years ago and it was a shoestring operation. No doubt much improved since. Even if it did not work out at the plant, most stores in Marlboro Co. SC sell the stuff.