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Mar 3, 2007 07:26 AM

Which Vegas steaks are dry aged?

I'm planning a bachelor party dinner for 6-8 in Vegas, and I'm trying to decide between the various top steakhouses -- Prime, Delmonico, Charlie Palmer, SW, Craftsteak, N9NE....

1) Does anyone know how these various steakhouses age their steak?

2) Am I right that the places listed above all charge about the same ammount -- $40-50 for a steak a la carte?

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  1. Here's what I know:

    Prime - all wet aged
    Delmonico - all dry aged
    CP - all dry aged
    SW - all wet aged
    Craftsteak - NY, ribeye, porterhouse are dry aged with all other cuts wet aged
    N9NE - wet aged

    The catch is that all filet mignon, whether the other cuts are wet or dry aged, are all wet aged due to the delicate nature of the beef. The same goes for kobe beef - always wet aged.

    Yes, all of those places listed will be in the same general price range.

    1. Gallagher's Steakhouse serves dry aged beef.

      Hours: Sun - Thurs 4pm - 11pm
      Fri - Sat 4pm - 12am
      Avg Check: $70-$80 per person
      Reservations: 702.740.6450

      1. Well, I chose Delmonico, in part because the wine list was so widely praised. There seems to be a wide range of opinion about it on this board; I'm very interested to see how it stacks up.

        1. The best steakhouse in Las Vegas is The Steakhouse at Circus Circus,dingy hotel but consistently voted best steakhouse in Vegas

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            This should have an asterisk next to it. It's consistently rated the best steakhouse by the RJ poll. The same poll that lists the best Mexican as Taco Bell and the best Italian as the Olive Garden.

            I'll admit that I've never eaten there but I have heard that it's good. But, to say that it's the tops in Vegas has to be a gross over exaggeration. However, everyone is cetainly entitled to their opinion.

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              I'll weigh in here, having eaten there on numerous occasions. Excellent meat quality, elegant setting (unlike the surrounding hotel) and good service. Great value overall---salad and potato included. Mediocre sides though.

          2. The Steakhouse at circus circus is rated no.1 by citysearch,Zagat,TA and others

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              Actually, Prime is the top-rated steakhouse in Zagat's (27); The Steakhouse is tied with several others (including Delmonico and SW at 26).