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Mar 3, 2007 06:57 AM

Red Cafe, Park Slope (update)

Ok so a while ago I posted about Red Cafe although under a different name (forgot my password). Anyway I didn't get much of a response then and I did a search and nothing has been written about it in awhile.
I was wondering what people who've been recently thought. I live one block over and I'm admittedly a regular. I honestly don't understand why there's so much hype around some places in the Slope and this one gets overlooked. I've had numerous conversations with the owner/chef and I don't want to launch into like some kind of ad for Red Cafe but I think it will be a real shame and a real loss for the slope if it has to close because of lack of business. Any thoughts? I'm really curious as to what people have to say.

p.s. The fish stew that has been a special for quite some time now is out of this world. I overheard a guy telling that chef that he took his wife out a high priced, fancy place in the city for her birthday and the fish stew there didn't compare.

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  1. I love the Red Cafe. I've been there many times and have never had anything but beautifully prepared, delicious food.

      1. It is between Warren and St. Marks on 5th ave. It is definitely tucked away, I at least put it up there with Al Di La and Apple Wood both of which are great as well but more people talk about those places so I'm just curious to hear what more people have to say.

        1. I agree--it's one of our favorite places in Park Slope. I'm hooked on the chicken liver appetizer, and we've never had anything but a terrific meal there.

          1. I used to love the Red Cafe...until they changed the menu and took off all the economical sandwich options. Despite this prejudice, it probably is a pretty good place for dinner. I would not in a million years rank it up there with Al di La, however. It's sort of an unpretentious little nook for some reasonably good food. I guess that it's overlooked for that reason--there's so many other places for more remarkable food.