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Mar 3, 2007 06:33 AM

Chowhound mentioned in Toronto Star Article Today

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  1. I read the article but did not see any mention of CH in the on-line version. Can you point it out?

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    1. re: foodyDudey

      This is actually from last Wednesday's paper. The mention is:

      Despite such accolades, Garraway is disheartened by Barrie's poor culinary reputation. To prove his point, he shares some recent postings from (a popular site where food lovers swap tips).

      "Someone asked: `Help! Is there decent food available in Barrie?' And one response was: `No, there is not. There is not any good food in Barrie! Sorry,'" Garraway says. "It's incredibly frustrating because good food does exist in Barrie. People just need to discover some of the more innovative restaurants."

      1. re: detritus

        Ha, I remember that thread. I suggested Oscar's and Garraway's in the thread but if I recall correctly Macallan18 was quick to deliver his regular negative commentary. I've had good meals at both spots, certainly comparable with many restaurants in Toronto.

        1. re: Vise

          Huh? What are you talking about? Fill me in...I would love to add some real negative commentary:)

        2. re: detritus

          Thanks. when I first read it, I must have missed that part. Then I did a search on "chowhound" and didn't get a hit. But I found it this time.

      2. I usually look forward to Wednesday's food sections in the Star and NYT. But that article on Barrie was pretty dull, one can tell the writers and editors have been taking winter vacations lately. Written by a Barrie local - probably a freelance pitch that came at the right time of year - it was mostly rah-rah boosterism rather than nuanced discussion.

        The shot at Chowhound was pretty funny though, just because I couldn't imagine a Chowhound thread on Barrie simply stating "no good food there at all" and leaving it at that as the writer said or quoted. Chowhound-as-pinata seems to be happening more and more often in the print media these days. Threatened much?

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        1. re: childofthestorm

          Take a look at the thread in question... the Star article quotes Macallan18's post word for word. :-)

        2. Oh, we're not disputing Macallan18's unique approach here! But others gave some good recos, and this was not mentioned in the article. Eh, whatever.