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Mar 3, 2007 06:18 AM

Any place to buy hog jowl or wild boar jowl?

Anywhere in the Bay Area?

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Raw, I suppose. I saw an intriguing recipe for confit.

      1. re: Atomica

        I live in Oakland's Chinatown, where I routinely see whole pig carcasses being moved from trucks to butcher shops. I've never checked to see if the carcasses include the jowls, but I've seen every other part of the pig (except the tails) in the butcher cases. So you might try Oakland's Chinatown's butcher shops. And please tell us about the pig jowl confit recipe.

        1. re: Michael Rodriguez

          Hog jowls have been the rage at upscale Hong Kong-style restaurants to make a special char siu. Also, they're often a cooked item on the steam tables at the bbq counters, so they're available from Chinese butchers.

    2. Jack's Meats

      538 Ninth Street (in the Housewives Market in Old Oakland)
      Oakland, CA 94620
      (510) 451-6795

      Know for sure they have them. I was stunned because it was the first time I've actually seen a hog jowl ... and a cow's foot. I don't think they are a wild board sort of place though.

      There'as a place on San Pablo in Berkeley ... a chicken place ... that has a lot of unusual meats ... most of them frozen ... but you can ask ... Um ... sort of around Sea Salt on the opposite side of the street. If I can think of the name, I'll post.

      1. Ok ... here's the place in Berkeley that I drove by today ...

        San Pablo Poultry Co
        2709 San Pablo Avenue
        (at Carleton St & Derby St)
        Berkeley, CA 94702
        (510) 843-6630

        Mon-Sat: 9:30 am - 5pm
        Sunday: 10 am - noon

        They sell whole pigs from 10 to 100 lbs.

        They also sell less usual meat like game hens, Muscovy duck, regular duck, bufallo, venison, frogs legs, rabbit, goat, etc.

        I stopped by once ... as the sign says ... they got a lot of poultry ... It's on San Pablo ... let's get to the point, eh? Any bird from Rocky to the common no-name street chicken ... young birds, old birds, unborn birds (uh, I guess that would be eggs) ... roasting chickens, frying chickens, stewing chickens ... different parts of all of those. ... and yet I couldn't remember the name ... sheesh.

        The rest of the meat seemed frozen, but I didn't do alot of looking around.

        They had a lot of pig parts too. Given they carry slighlty different meats, they might sell boar ... probably frozen though.

        About two blocks down from KC BBQ.

        1. I went in search of fresh hog jowl (planning on curing guanciale) a couple of years ago. There was a farcical moment in which I (non-Chinese speaking) tried to demonstrate, by wiggling my cheek with my hand, to a non-English-speaking Chinatown pork butcher just what I wanted. Thankfully a bilingual customer turned up who explained my request to him but he couldn't supply it; neither could Lucky Pork on Mission or La Gallinita on 24th. I finally ordered one through Golden Gate Meat Co, followed instructions on curing, then wrapped it in cheesecloth (to keep bugs off) and hung it in my garage. It was cool enough but I suspect too damp with not enough cross-ventilation; anyway the meat developed some scary-looking mold and I didn't have the nerve to scrape it off and try cooking the rest, so into the garbage it went. I order guanciale from Salumi in Seattle, run by Armandino Batali (Mario's dad) who spent a year or two in Italy studying the craft of curing pork; I do my own duck confit, but for guanciale or prosciutto I'll rely on a pro.

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          1. re: rootlesscosmo

            Armandino had a "adopt a prosciutto" program for a couple of years while I was living in Seattle, where you'd buy a ham and he'd take you through the curing process over the months, using their (gorgeous) facilities.

          2. I saw 'pork cheeks', neatly packaged in small portions, at the new Manila Oriental Market on Mission. I took pictures, too. I may post it tomorrow.

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            1. re: grocerytrekker

              Here it is.

              Oops. That didn't stick (I got my computer back, and I had loaded my Manila Market images onto a different computer. Long Story)
              This works -