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Mar 3, 2007 05:59 AM

Good Bread in Bergen/Rockland/Westchester

I am always on the hunt for quality bread. I know Balthazar in Englewood. Any other suggestions in the Bergen/Rockland/Westchester areas? Westchester close to the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Bellantoni's bakery on Route 119 in White Plains, near the Apple Farm.

    1. Rockland Bakery in Nanuet (Rockland County) is worth checking out, particularly for good rye bread. The best thing is you get to go back to an area just off the ovens and pick out your own bread from the racks. Often the bread is still warm. The huge conveyor oven they use to make bagels (okay, not great), bialys (ditto), and kaiser rolls (among other things) dumps a bin in the public area, and you can pick out very, very fresh (and incredibly hot) items.

      In addition to the breads, Rockland Bakery has cakes, cookies, etc. Babkas and ruggelach are very good (you'd think this was a Jewish bakery, but it is actually Italian). Cakes are good, but if you're in Nanuet you probably want to head to the Carousel Cakes outlet there. While at Carousel Cakes, go to Laraia's Cheese next door for fantastic fresh mozzarella and a large selection of other cheeses from around the world. The staff is knowledgable and generous with free tastes (they usually won't let you buy anything without you tasting it first).

      Rockland Bakery also has very late hours (6Am to 10PM Sun-Fri, till midnight Saturday).

      I have no affiliation with any of these business, but I have written about each of them.

      Rockland Bakery
      Demarest Road
      Nanuet, NY

      Carousel Cakes Factory Outlet
      5 Seeger Drive

      Laria's Cheese
      5 Seeger Drive

      1. In Ardsley (Westchester) there's a bakery called Rivieria Bakery & they have a good selection of bread & a great selection of goodies. The make a potato scallion bread which is amazing. Also if you really want an adventure Bobolink Dairy Farm not only makes their own cheeses but also makes a bunch of different breads such as roasted garlic cloves in the bread with duck fat on top! It's near Warwick, NY tho. It's a fun summer drive.

        1. The Kneaded Bread in Portchester is good specialty bread. (westchest.)

          1. Amato bread is really delicious and flavorful. They have great club rolls, and bread stuffed with sausage and I think procsuitto. The retail store is on the Northvale, Norwood NJ boarder. Livingston St. While there, stop at the Greek Village for lunch or dinner which is across the street.