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Mar 3, 2007 05:37 AM

(Toronto) Question about Boiler House brunch

I'm wondering if anyone's tried the Sunday brunch at the Boiler House. How does it stack up (in terms of buffets, so I understand we're working at a lower standard than "made to order" fare)

Also, apparently it has live jazz, is the jazz kind of 'mood music', dinner music type jazz, or is it something that dominates the room, possibly making it difficult for conversation?

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  1. Brunch is ok. I would say that it's a step up from your standard 'continental breakfast' but not by much. Selection is smaller than Hot House (which also has medicore food in my opinion). The jazz is great and doesn't drown out the conversation.

    1. excellent. frankly, a buffet is a buffet (unless it's town and country, and then it shouldn't be allowed to exist) so it's the jazz and less frantic than hot house that is selling us on it.

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      1. re: mainja

        does town and country still exist?

        edited to add - I see, after a google search that there is one at Queen's Quay - this must be what you are referring to - I had a nostalgic flashback to childhood and the "Towne & Country Buffet" that used to be on Steeles East somewhere (don't remember exactly where - or was it Finch East) - I used to fill out the cards on the table about the meal and then I'd get complimentary coupons in the mail - this was a great thing at age 10 or thereabouts.

        1. re: pescatarian

          Unfortunately it does. The town and country at Sherbourne and Queen's Quay is horrible. Food is inedible, tough, flavourless and very oily. I was there in February with a group of 40. We took up the entire back room. It was Saturday night. There was maybe 5 other patrons besides us between 7 and 10 pm. The buffet shuts down around 9 and they don't replenish after 8pm despite the fact that we had a group of 40 and we had made reservations. It's a fun place for kids but if you're over the age of 10, you're not going to enjoy it as a dining experience.

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            For brunch they have serviceable eggs benedict. But hash browns and sausages are store bought and as you say oily.

            There is "Tucker's Market Place" in scarborough which is similar but better than T&C. Also Hot House on Front St has a Sunday brunch buffet, which is VERY busy, but I find the food boring (pasta salads, mussels etc.) except for the huge number of cakes for dessert. BTW HH has jazz too (or used to?)

      2. Went there once in the summer, sat outside, so we didn't listen to much jazz... but If I recall correctly the food was decent, though I would've liked a larger spread (it is a buffet, afterall and I have expectations of bountifulness... although that doesn't mean the quality should degrade)

        1. Wife and I went there recently.
          All I can say is, this is what a Brunch should be all about. :)
          It was constantly refreshed and the choices were plenty.
          One of the best brunches I have had the pleasure of... in recent memory.

          1. How much is it per person? Would you say it's kid friendly? My little brother is coming to visit in a few weeks and he specifically asked for a brunch buffet....otherwise I would take him to Thuet or somewhere nice.


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            1. re: cutehinano

              I don't remember exactly house much it was per person, $24 or $25 per person maybe? It doesn't say on their website, which is a pain, but if you call them they'll tell you.

              There were kids there, although no really younger ones, youngest was maybe 8ish, and not loads of kids.

              Overall it was pretty good, although the website lists lots of stuff that isn't on the buffet, which was dissappointing. Also, I have to say, the music was really quite loud, which is fine, but not what we were looking for. We did have to yell to converse.

              Amazing desserts though.

              All in all a pretty reasonable experience.

              1. re: mainja

                They do have an upstairs section, which may not be good for kids to climb (run?) up the stairs holding a plate of food. If you do go make sure the reservation is for downstairs seating (on the same level as the food).