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Mar 3, 2007 05:34 AM

(Toronto) looking for a cozy coffee shop

Location isn't *that* important, I like to explore other neighbourhoods. But I would say probably best to stay within what used to be Toronto, before that included Etobicoke etc.

I'm looking for a cozy coffee shop, something with nice warm lighting, comfy chairs, maybe some jazz playing in the background. It would be amazing if I could find something that not only fit that bill, but had some tasty treats, sweet or savoury.

I'm looking for somewhere mellow to relax, chat with a friend, and treat myself to delicious coffee and treats.

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  1. I know this isn't within the location you asked for, but if you're ever in Oakville The Green Bean is definitely worth checking out - a nice patio out front, nice chairs and lighting inside, and very good coffee too.

    1. dark horse is a cool little spot at queen and broadview...communal coffee table, and some individual chairs, free wifi, great coffee and treats

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        i don't find it very cozy with the wide open style of their space. i love it really but i dont' find it's a great place to curl up per se. the huge windows are great for a morning coffee to watch the people go by but i can't imagine finding a good corner there.

        love the coffee though.. and the ceiling!

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          Tango Palace - Queen/Jones
          Alternative Grounds on Roncesvalles
          Niche Cafe on Danforth/Monarch Park
          Jet Fuel on Parliament/Carlton
          Konditor or Zane - both European style cafes/patisseries with great coffee, tasty treats and nice patios, West of Woodbine on Queen, North side.
          Riverdale Perk - great neighborhood spot, in the heart of Riverdale at Logan/Withrow - cute little patio.

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                JET in town, I actually do ride from Queen West sometimes for their double long espresso or americano, hot or over ice...heavenly

            1. 7 West (7 Charles Street West - Yonge and Charles) fits your bill. Jazz, warm lighting (main floor), great desserts, salads and sandwiches. All types of tea, and great coffee. I just noticed through their website, that they are open 24 hours a day. Their are 3 floors, the main floor sounds like something you'd like.

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                Looks great, and conveniently close to me too. Do you know if they have WiFi?

                1. re: lovinchocolate

                  I second 7 West. I think it's exactly the vibe that they're looking for.

                2. I am oft in the search of the same, with the additional bonus requirement of free wireless. Not usually possible to find them all. Some places I have found worthy of re-visiting, mostly around the St. Lawrence area:

                  - Balzac's in the Distillery. The upstairs is great, with some neat nooks. The downside of this place is that it tends to be very busy at all kinds of days and times.

                  - Lettieri on Front St. by the St. Lawrence market. Some comfy seats by the front window, which opens to the street, unless the old men are smoking out there.

                  - Second Cup at King and Jarvis. I'm not usually a fan of the big chains, but this location has a really nice vibe and friendly servers, and great views of some historic buildings and the St. James park if you sit in the right place.

                  - Cafe 260 on Richmond near Sherbourne. Kinda neat inside, with exposed wood beam ceilings and a little patio area. Friendly service.

                  - F'Coffee on Queen St. East near the Dark Horse is not bad, friendly staff, and decent looking food as well as coffee. But the coziness factor is lacking somewhat.

                  - 7 West on Charles. Really neat place, I second the recommendation above.

                  1. - Moonbeam Cafe in Kensington Market. Good coffee, roasted in house, and a wide variety of decent pastries. And I'm pretty sure they have free wireless.
                    - Dooney's Cafe in the Annex -- food is hit-and-miss, but the coffee's reliably good, and you can sit and read, chat or work all day.
                    - Tango Palace in Leslieville is the best looking neighbourhood cafe, but the coffee itself is awful.