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(Toronto) looking for a cozy coffee shop

Location isn't *that* important, I like to explore other neighbourhoods. But I would say probably best to stay within what used to be Toronto, before that included Etobicoke etc.

I'm looking for a cozy coffee shop, something with nice warm lighting, comfy chairs, maybe some jazz playing in the background. It would be amazing if I could find something that not only fit that bill, but had some tasty treats, sweet or savoury.

I'm looking for somewhere mellow to relax, chat with a friend, and treat myself to delicious coffee and treats.

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  1. I know this isn't within the location you asked for, but if you're ever in Oakville The Green Bean is definitely worth checking out - a nice patio out front, nice chairs and lighting inside, and very good coffee too.

    1. dark horse is a cool little spot at queen and broadview...communal coffee table, and some individual chairs, free wifi, great coffee and treats

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        i don't find it very cozy with the wide open style of their space. i love it really but i dont' find it's a great place to curl up per se. the huge windows are great for a morning coffee to watch the people go by but i can't imagine finding a good corner there.

        love the coffee though.. and the ceiling!

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          Tango Palace - Queen/Jones
          Alternative Grounds on Roncesvalles
          Niche Cafe on Danforth/Monarch Park
          Jet Fuel on Parliament/Carlton
          Konditor or Zane - both European style cafes/patisseries with great coffee, tasty treats and nice patios, West of Woodbine on Queen, North side.
          Riverdale Perk - great neighborhood spot, in the heart of Riverdale at Logan/Withrow - cute little patio.

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                JET FUEL....best in town, I actually do ride from Queen West sometimes for their double long espresso or americano, hot or over ice...heavenly

            1. 7 West (7 Charles Street West - Yonge and Charles) fits your bill. Jazz, warm lighting (main floor), great desserts, salads and sandwiches. All types of tea, and great coffee. I just noticed through their website, that they are open 24 hours a day. Their are 3 floors, the main floor sounds like something you'd like.

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                Looks great, and conveniently close to me too. Do you know if they have WiFi?

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                  I second 7 West. I think it's exactly the vibe that they're looking for.

                2. I am oft in the search of the same, with the additional bonus requirement of free wireless. Not usually possible to find them all. Some places I have found worthy of re-visiting, mostly around the St. Lawrence area:

                  - Balzac's in the Distillery. The upstairs is great, with some neat nooks. The downside of this place is that it tends to be very busy at all kinds of days and times.

                  - Lettieri on Front St. by the St. Lawrence market. Some comfy seats by the front window, which opens to the street, unless the old men are smoking out there.

                  - Second Cup at King and Jarvis. I'm not usually a fan of the big chains, but this location has a really nice vibe and friendly servers, and great views of some historic buildings and the St. James park if you sit in the right place.

                  - Cafe 260 on Richmond near Sherbourne. Kinda neat inside, with exposed wood beam ceilings and a little patio area. Friendly service.

                  - F'Coffee on Queen St. East near the Dark Horse is not bad, friendly staff, and decent looking food as well as coffee. But the coziness factor is lacking somewhat.

                  - 7 West on Charles. Really neat place, I second the recommendation above.

                  1. - Moonbeam Cafe in Kensington Market. Good coffee, roasted in house, and a wide variety of decent pastries. And I'm pretty sure they have free wireless.
                    - Dooney's Cafe in the Annex -- food is hit-and-miss, but the coffee's reliably good, and you can sit and read, chat or work all day.
                    - Tango Palace in Leslieville is the best looking neighbourhood cafe, but the coffee itself is awful.

                    1. I also stumbled across Cafe 260 at 260 Richmond Street East. Very nice brew of Coffee and a good assortment of Paninis. The space is very cool with free wireless internet. I would have to give this spot a 4 out 5.

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                      1. Bloor West try Coffee Tree Bloor/East of Jane
                        Queen St. East (Leslieville) ... there's a stretch of over 7 indie coffee shops

                        1. Chocolate Heaven Cafe Company on the Danforth. Search this board. Lots of comments.

                          1. Tango Palace, 7 West, and Balzac all have a certain charm. I strongly dislike Jet Fuel... altogether too cool for school. Attitudinal, slow service, and death metal at 10am. Highly stressful experience.

                            1. In the Beach area (or Beaches) , Queen Street and Beech, is The Remarkable Bean (beside the Fox Theatre). No jazz but nice laid back atmosphere and chess sets on the tables. Great treats, too, and open late.

                              1. Far Coast.... yeah it is owned by Coca-Cola Corp. But the drinks taste good! Treats good! And the people watching on Bloor, always a good laugh. The music is a nice selection, not overwhelming! The building itself is very attractive.

                                Give her a spin, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

                                Far Coast
                                95 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

                                1. Has Red Rocket been mentioned? Queen E at Vancouver (1 block E of Greenwood). They have free WiFi and great in-house homemade treats.

                                  1. Earth Grounds at Coxwell and O'Connor.
                                    Dark Horse at Queen and Broadview.

                                    1. Can't believe no one has mentioned my 2 favourite places:

                                      - Mercury Espresso Bar (http://mercuryorganic.blogspot.com/) on Queen just west of Carlaw
                                      - The Common on College just east of Dufferin

                                      Both have excellent espresso drinks, friendly baristas, free wi-fi. Very neighbourhood hang out feel.

                                      Another place I like to hang out with some savoury food option is the Roastery at 401 Richmond, just east of Spadina. There are also some other art places to browse around in the building.

                                      Manic Coffee on College just east of Bathurst is good too.

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                                        Right on about Mercury Espresso Bar - it is fantastic - makes an excellent brew. And reminded me of Bar Mercurio on Bloor just W. of St. George, which is not really an all-day cafe option (really more of a resto, particularly by night) but it's a great place to linger in the morning or over lunch. Tasty, simple food, welcoming staff, and the espresso is among the best in town.