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Birthday plans changed ah! Please help :)

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So now there will be 8 of us... including two guys... no longer an all girls night out.

So... Green street Grill, B-side lounge, Ole, East Coast Grill, or Cuchi Cuchi... where is our best bet for an over all fun time with 8 of us?

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  1. Sarah, it's possible you're overthinking this. The change in the number of people (and gender) has no bearing on the recommendations you have received already :-)

    1. With a group that size, I strongly recommend reservations. The bar at the East Coast Grill, B-Side, and Cuchi Cuchi can be cramped, uncomfortable places for a group of eight to hang out when the restaurant is busy. I'm not crazy about the food at Ole these days. I know these places takes reseravtions: Green Street (no Grill anymore), East Coast Grill (Sunday to Thursday only), and Cuchi Cuchi. Of the three, I think ECG has the best food, Green Street the best cocktails, Cuchi Cuchi the prettiest ambience. I love the B-Side all around, but I'm uncertain of its reservations policy; it might be similar to ECG (for 5 or 6 or more, but not on weekends).

      1. I think B Side does reservations for any party size, any time. At least a couple of weekends ago we had a reservation for 3 and there was another group with a reservation for 8 or something. They're pretty flexible.

        1. If, AND ONLY IF, you can reserve that weird shape trapezoidal-type table in the middle of B-Side, eight people would work well there. Otherwise, go to one of the other places.

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            Why "if and only if"? I've seen B-Side push a bunch of tables together to make room for a group of 10 before - actually just the other night.

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              I've had the same experience...they have several spots that they can accomodate large groups.

          2. 10 (or 11) of us had a great time and great dinner at Cuchi Cuchi last Thursday night. We had a reservation and they seated us at a nice low table with couches and stools around it. Food was delicious, and the drinks/cocktails are quite fun. I'd highly recommend it. Only caution would be that it was quite loud.

            1. Cuchi Cuchi is definitely a fun choice, even moreso with a group, but I think the Lava Lounge at the ECG would be a good idea if you reserve in advance. I also like Central Kitchen if you can grab the corner table in the back, or a few tables together in the front window. On that note, upstairs in the Enormous Room would be accomodating and ambient for a group, w/their pillows and low benches, etc.

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                Thought I like the Enormous Room's food (somewhat) and drinks (again, only somewhat), I think it's awful for a group unless you like being uncomfortable (hunched over those low tables) and screaming at each other when they crank the music up. Though a few years ago those things would probably have endeared me to the place - guess I'm getting old :-) I think the OP in previous postings specifically did not want a booze fest or a clubby kind of atmosphere, just good food and wine - Enormous Room is a bit too crowded and bar-like for that unless you go really early.

                On the other hand the Central Kitchen just below it would be a good bet too - but I agree with you that ECG and CuCu are better options. (Did I just invent a new abbreviation?)