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Mar 3, 2007 04:49 AM

Costa mesa suggestions

Does anyone know anything good to eat in this area? I am at a conference right near the south coast plaza mall, and need some good please!

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  1. Baja Fish is on Bristol in the Vons shopping center. The blackened chicken tacos and shrimp tacos are great. Down Bristol the other direction is the Lab which has Memphis, Habana and Gypsey Den. All are good though some thing Gysey Den is overpriced for what you get. I know there are a lot of great asian "hole in the wall" restaurants right around there too, but I don't know which are the best so I'll let someone else recommend those.

    Are you looking for something more specific than "anything good to eat?" Are you looking for good dinner recommendations? Upscale, mid-range? Give us more to work with.

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      1. Darya for Persian, across from South Coast Plaza (Nordstrom).

        For a variety of Japanese food there is a Japanese market with an exceptional food court, Mitsua-go south on Bristol and make a left on Paularino, it will be on the right hand side. Great ramen and curries

        1. Memphis for great soul/American
          Aire for tapas - try the ahi tacos
          Oki Doki for reasonable Asian
          Onotria for Italian
          Chat Noir for drinks/great atmosphere
          I heard a new restaurant was opening in the old Troquet space 3rd floor SCP, but no details
          Lawry's for prime rib sandwiches
          Not too far - Taco Mesa for fantastic Mexican on 19th in Costa Mesa
          Not too far - Golden Truffle for excellent original cuisine on Newport Blvd in CM
          Not too far - Sushi Shibuco on 19th in Costa Mesa
          Not too far - Plum's on 17th in CM

          1. Darya and Mastros are my suggestions.