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Mar 3, 2007 04:28 AM

Slow roast shoulder of lamb?

I plan to roast a boned and rolled shoulder of lamb for Sunday Lunch. I like the idea of SLOW roasting it, but can't find a recipe (please note that I mean dry roasting, not braising or pot roasting). Does anyone have a great recipe?

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  1. I would recommend the Forever Roasted Lamb recipe by Michael Chiarello...see website:
    I hope this helps........

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      This is how I do a leg of lamb, too. The only departure from Chiarella's recipe, for me anyway, is the addition of garlic and browning of the leg of lamb. Before roasting, take the leg in the roasting pan you're going to use and put it on top of the stove with just a little EVOO in it. The pan will probably span two stove burners. Take about 15 minutes to sear the leg of lamb on all sides (turn very frequently) until it's browned. This will hold in tons of flavor and the browning will give it a caramelization to stand up to the slow roasting method. Don't "inject" garlic cloves into the meat. If you're having guests, many of them won't like it. Instead, toss whole garlic cloves into the liquid in the roasting pan once you've stopped browning and placed the pan into the oven for the rest of the cooking. Keeping the garlic whole will allow you to remove the cloves at the end of the cooking. They'll be soft and gooey and wonderful, and you can serve them or make a paste of them and spread it onto some italian bread with some more olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh basil and broil -- you'll have a rosemary flavored (if you used rosemary, which I do) garlic bread to die for.

      1. Thanks very much for that recipe - I will definately try it out today!

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          For the record, his slow roasted pork is also a good recipe while I think of it..Many have enjoyed that recipe at my dinner table..Mmm yummy!!