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Crumbs cupcakes?

Blech! I don't see how this place is still open. The cupcakes may look pretty - what cupcake doesn't tho? - but the taste! just awful. It's basically a big mass of bland flour that would prob just sit in your stomach like lead. i took 2 bites and tossed. I even remember when the UES side branch opened a few years back (next door to the now closed Fauchon store) - i was so excited to try out and i did. It was a bad experience then from the cupcake itself to the very rude cupcake girl server. i chalked it up to crumbs being a new place and forgot about it. well, until recently. i walked by a Crumbs place and decided to try again for the 2nd time and nope, unfortunately, the cupcake was just not good. Am i just choosing the wrong flavors or are the cupcakes at this place simply awful?

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  1. I like Crumbs. I don't think it has the best cupcakes (Buttercup and Sugar Sweet Sunshine are more my faves) but I do like the Choc Chip Cookie Dough cupcake at Crumbs. I like that it has a lot of different kinds of cupcakes and that they are bigger. Their basic ones aren't great but the ones that are different (like the raspberry filled one or snickers) are good.

    1. The carrot cake cupcakes are also terrible.

      1. Cupcakes here are Horrible!! (IMO)

        1. I really like the snickers one and the apple one.

          1. I think they're good too. The vanilla buttercream and caramel apple are yummy. Better than magnolia, but not as good as sugar sweet sunshine...

            1. I like that you can get the smaller size ones, but I think they are only available in plain cake with buttercream frosting. They are good but awfly sweet. I also like the mini ones i had as a sample once. But the one time I tried a large one it was way to sweet for me to finish. Good coffee though.

              1. We just wrote about Crumbs this week and came to precisely the same conclusion. They're pretty shocking, although they do photograph well.


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                  Hahahaah "frosted concrete dessert" you are on point Nosher! That is precisely what they taste like and yes, deceitfully so, they do photograph very well - esp. the boston cream one.

                2. I think the ones at Magnolia are worse. I don't mind picking at a Crumbs cupcake with a glass of milk even though they can be too sweet and too buttery.

                  1. So where are the good cupcakes? Any favorites? I found 2 Little Red Hens too buttery.

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                      the cupcake cafe! to me this was the pioneer in the cupcake trend - theyve been around forever! awesome if you love buttercream and the best part - cupcakes do not have stiff overly sugary frosting a la magnolia, billie's and the aforementioned crumbs - these 3 should consolidate as they all make the same kinds of cupcakes. this place is a standout for its beautiful and more importantly, great tasting cupcakes and cakes. there is a reson they have been around for 18 yrs.

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                        me too! i love cupcake cafe! i think we may be in the chowhound minority, though. actually i dated a guy once who was a massive fan of magnolia's and he went out of his way to try a cupcake at cupcake cafe and i met him right as he was wiping the crumbs from his face. he looked at me in utter disgust and said, "i can't believe they had the nerve to charge me money for eating this." he thought the buttercream was too buttery, he said it was like eating a stick of butter. i can't say it was the cupcakes that broke us up, but we didn't last much longer. hahaha.

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                          hahahah ballulah - it is the best place for cupcakes isn't it? :sigh: i think that the majority of people out there out there just really love overly stiff/super sweet frosting rather than quality cupcake flavor and texture. imo cupcake cafe is the only place for great tasting cupcakes!

                    2. I agree with you. Bought a Crumbs cupcake and threw it out after a bite. It wasn't worth the stomach space.

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                        oh absolutely may as well consume calories that are really worth consuming! i've tried to be objective but the whole cupcake from crumbs was terrible - from the frosting to the cake part. nothing good came out of both experiences.

                      2. Crumbs' plain cupcakes just aren't worth it. However I would recommend the Oatmeal Raisin if you ever see it available.

                        1. nothing beats the pumpkin cupcake at sugar sweet sunshine. the only better thing is their egg nog pudding with the pumpkin cake in it. it's slammin.

                          1. I agree with their normal large cupcakes lacking in the quality department, but they have a variety of 12 different mini's for $16.00 and they are pretty good. Lots of flavor and artistically done. I bring them to dinner parties and everyone gives them rave reviews.

                            1. I can't actually eat cupcakes from Crumbs. Why you ask? Well, the frosting irritates my mouth. Each time I attempt to try one of these sublime looking confections, I get no further than one bite. It's like pouring acid in my mouth. I'm dead serious, too.

                              I've been searching for the perfect manhattan cupcake for five years. I'm yet to find it...

                              1. I'm not really a fan of their cupcakes either, wasn't crazy about the frosting...plus if I splurge, I'd rather go to Levain for cookies. But since I'm a stern/artie fan, I tried an artie lange cupcake and it was pretty damn good...interested to see if they keep that name.

                                1. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  1. while a rose is a rose is a rose .... a cupcake is NOT a cupcake is not a cupcake ..... when i first moved to nyc - about 9 months ago - i used this board to taste every mentioned cupcake place - my way of learning and walking the various "sections" on manhattan.

                                    personally i LOVE Magnolia's - touristy / publicist or not - always happy with their ccakes.
                                    billy's also delicious - two little red hen's my favorite - and crumbs - not worth the calories - a humongous dissapointment.

                                    great news though - near Crumbs in UWS are two of my favoirte scones locals - Alice's Tea Cup - try their berry scones - personally i found them much better than the pumpkin that many have enjoyed on these boards and my latest find on 74th - Levain - OMG - their rasin oatmeal scone - well - i actually felt my knees wobble, my head spin and my heart go aflutter!

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                                      i could not agree more with levain and alice's! which cupcake at two little red hens is the best? (i love the red velvet at billy's)

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                                        personally i loved the chocolate pudding filled - but it is a bit rich (and i love magnolia's) so i split it with a friend and am quite satisfied. also the red velvet.

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                                          The Pumpkin cupcake at TLRH is to die for!

                                      2. Bad cupcakes, you're right.

                                        1. I just went to their new location on Madison and 52nd/53rd for the cupcake giveaway and got Red Velvet, Coconut and Pumpkin. The cake part was very moist and delectable and the icing was def comparable with buttercup, though not as sweet which suits me

                                          1. I hope this new place is good. It is called BUTTER LANE. Slated to open sometime this month in the east village. Any one know any thing?

                                            1. I can't understand how Crumbs stays in business yet, it is even expanding?!

                                              They could have some of the worst baked goods that I have ever had anywhere, and their cupcakes had the greasiest frosting ever!!!

                                              1. I have had crumbs cupcakes many times and so has my co-workers. We all enjoyed them. Buttercup on Second Avenue has stale cupcakes. Crumbs is at least fresh and tasty. Your tastebuds must be off a bit

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                                                  Agreed, I felt REALLY sick after eating half of one of their big ccakes. However, when I tried one of their smaller regular, ccakes, not the minis, and took off half of the frosting it was quite good.

                                                2. i am a fan of crumbs, but only when the cupcakes are fresh. i have raved about them to so many people only to dissapoint them when getting cupcakes later in the day/at night. before closing times seems to be the worst, as they dont (from what i can tell) keep making them throughout the day, so they are very dry and dense. if you are lucky enough to get them in the morning or around lunch time, they are very moist and VERY delicious. the devil dog ones are insanely good, as well the as the funfetti.