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Mar 3, 2007 04:08 AM

Crumbs cupcakes?

Blech! I don't see how this place is still open. The cupcakes may look pretty - what cupcake doesn't tho? - but the taste! just awful. It's basically a big mass of bland flour that would prob just sit in your stomach like lead. i took 2 bites and tossed. I even remember when the UES side branch opened a few years back (next door to the now closed Fauchon store) - i was so excited to try out and i did. It was a bad experience then from the cupcake itself to the very rude cupcake girl server. i chalked it up to crumbs being a new place and forgot about it. well, until recently. i walked by a Crumbs place and decided to try again for the 2nd time and nope, unfortunately, the cupcake was just not good. Am i just choosing the wrong flavors or are the cupcakes at this place simply awful?

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  1. I like Crumbs. I don't think it has the best cupcakes (Buttercup and Sugar Sweet Sunshine are more my faves) but I do like the Choc Chip Cookie Dough cupcake at Crumbs. I like that it has a lot of different kinds of cupcakes and that they are bigger. Their basic ones aren't great but the ones that are different (like the raspberry filled one or snickers) are good.

    1. The carrot cake cupcakes are also terrible.

      1. Cupcakes here are Horrible!! (IMO)

        1. I really like the snickers one and the apple one.

          1. I think they're good too. The vanilla buttercream and caramel apple are yummy. Better than magnolia, but not as good as sugar sweet sunshine...