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Mar 3, 2007 04:08 AM

Rao's Spagetti Sauce

I love Rao's Sauce!! To me it's the only one I've tried that comes close to tasting good..All the other ones I have tried tasted terrible. Is there another I should try??

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  1. Patsy's and Lidias are also very good but as you will see on many other threads the price of these are getting ridiculous.

    Others that people have recommended are TJ's and Cento. IMO they are not as good but they are less than 50% of the cost as the others. Most have too high a sodium content for Mrs Jfood.

    Once the premiums went north of $8 a jar i took my business elsewhere, including a simple pot of sauce on a sunday morning and into the freezer. Buy some good tomatoes, some garlic, spices, and sometimes some tomato paste. No biggies, great smells and 25% the cost. I have never canned but this coming summer I'm heading down that route as well.

    1. Cento at $3.99 a jar. We switched from Rao's as our prepared sauce favorite because Cento's San Marzano based sauces simply taste better (an individual matter as always) and are, IMO, more tomatoey and less oily than Rao's; the fact that they're about half the cost (although we can get Rao's for about $6.99) is a nice bonus.

      Just as a note, the Cento's sodium content is about 400mg per half cup serving, which in my book (noting that neither of us is on a sodium-restricted diet, but we don't like salty food) is reasonable.

      1. Unlike the sauce, their penne rigate pasta was tremendously disappointing, overpriced, and overhyped. The pasta did not cook up well at all. If I had to describe it, I wouldn't say they were gummy -- I'd say more pasty. Rao's isn't using a particularly good durum wheat. After cooking, it fell apart and almost all the penne split despite being cooked al dente. (I had them in the boiling water maybe 7 minutes or so). Do yourself a favor and steer clear of the penne (until they fix it).

        1. I no longer used jarred sauces but when I did, I liked Barilla Marinara. Tasted very fresh.
          One key is to make sure the jars are made with extra virgin olive oil and not other oils. It is so easy to make your own, though....

            1. re: Karl S

              You aren't the first to mention Cento..However, I am in the Toronto area and don't regularly see that particular brand..I will however, look for it at Whole Foods or Pusi's or Bruno's here.....Thanks for the tip!!

              1. re: flipkeat

                go to the cento site and send them an email. they will tell you if it is sold locally. if not they sell it on-line.

              2. re: Karl S

                I am a big fan of the Rao's marinara sauce, but based on opinions on Chowhound, I tried Cento. I gotta say, I still think that Rao's is far superior. Would I like to pay $3.99 instead of $7.99? Sure. But I love that Rao's sauce and I'd rather pay more for something that I truly enjoy.

                1. re: valerie

                  You know, after switching to Cento (for taste, not price), I decided to give Rao's Marinara another test against Cento's. For me, it's no contest: Cento's has a deeper ripe tomato flavor, is less oily, and has just the right amount of salt. Obviously YMMV, but even if Cento's cost more than Rao's, I'd still be buying it.