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best bar to have a small party?

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So my bff and I are celebrating are 30th together in the coming weeks - any recs on fun bars not on the lower east side? we want to pay for an open bar for a few hours and invite about 25-30 people max. ideas?

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  1. I like Luca Lounge in the East Village. They have a room full of couches and comfy chairs that spills out onto a little outdoor terrace. I had a party there once and it was fun, the only problem was that there were 2 other small gatherings taking place. If you end up booking there, I'd try to get them to guarantee that you'd be the only party that night.

    1. Art Bar in the West Village is nice. It has a back room with lots of couches, and good drinks.

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        art bar is nice. in fact i was just there last week for a birthday party but i think it's best for a smallish get together because we were all too smushed despite having a reservation. groups were sitting in seaparate couches etc. so it was hard for us to all hang out.

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          That's true . Though I try to look on the bright side and say it forces people to circulate and mingle.

        1. we checked out zanzibar in hell's kitchen and really loved the space. anyone been?

          1. The music box on ave.B between 12th and 13th st is pretty spacious with comfy couches, great jukebox, pool table and an outdoor garden area. Seems to have a little cult following in the east village too.

            1. I guess it depends on the sort of place you are looking for. I've been to zanzibar and wasn't so into it. From what I recall, it didn't have a great drink selection outside of a million different variations of the cosmo. But I wasn't so into the glittery look to it either, so your milage may vary.

              I like Dove Parlour on Thompson in the Village. Totally different from just about every other bar in the neighborhood. Not a loud college bar. Very laid back vibe, nice staff. I've been a semi-regular since they opened a couple years back.

              Also in that area is Madame X on Houston, which has a private space upstairs for parties. It's got an old-time bordello look to it, a nice selection of beer and cocktails and usually some pretty good music on.

              My 30th isn't for another couple months, but I'm considering the Pegu Club on Houston just off West Broadway. It's more modern than the other two and may appeal to you more if you liked the look of Zanzibar. it has a great selection of just about beer and wine and specializes in old fashioned mixed drinks. I've read they even make their own bitters.

              Pegu is also just upstairs from the downtown Dos Caminos, so post-party dinner is readily available.

              Good luck! Let us know how it goes!