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Mar 3, 2007 03:28 AM

Where to buy black beans in South West London?

Hello all. Does anyone know of a good place to buy black beans (preferably canned, but I'll take dried, too) in South West London? I live in Wimbledon but I'm willing to travel a reasonable distance. Let me know. Thanks much!

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  1. I've found dried black beans at a few different Siansburys. Also Spice Shop in Notting Hill carries them as turtle beans. But no luck anywhere with canned black beans.

    1. We found canned black beans (organic only) at our local health food store (in Highbury/Islington). They are pricey at 99p/can. You may want to try health food shops in your area, or a Fresh & Wild.

      1. Good intel on the canned beans, yy london. I know Waitrose has dried black beans in their Cooks Ingredients section, but sometimes I just don't have overnight to soak.

        1. several of the grocers as you go up stroud green road from finsbury park station carry canned black/turtle beans, and as of last year the tesco on the corner of s.g.r. and tollington park road had them as well (in the small asian/carib section). nowhere near wimbledon, i'm afraid, but if you really want them...

          1. yy_ london,

            which health food store? I've been looking around Islington for canned black beans with no luck. You can also find dried black/turtle beans at Sainsbury's and at the spice shop in notting hill.

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              The Waitrose near Old Street carries canned black beans (Epicurious brand), as does, I seem to recall, the Costcutter at the corner of Balls Pond and Southgate.