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Mar 2, 2007 11:03 PM

Paris Birthday Dinner

We live in the Bay Area and will be in Paris in the next few weeks for my birthday. I'd love a wonderful meal. I'm not a big raw seafood person and am, sadly, allergic to mushrooms. I love fois gras.
That's about it for parameters. A lovely lunch is one thought. A dinner that runs into the stratosphere is less appealing (I have 2 kids in college!). I have always been more pleased with a good meal than one than "worked" to impress me (although I love wonderful creative food).
Ideas? It will be the last day/night of a week in Paris in an apartment before heading off to 4 nights in London.

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  1. Go to Taillevent. They have a 70 euro lunch special which is great value. It is a restaurant experience like no other. The food, though not necessarily innovative is excellent. The atmosphere and hospitality is exceptional. Make your reservation now!

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      I second the Taillevent vote. and be sure they know you are celebrating your birthday. I had amy birthday lunch there the last time I was there, and it was sublime. Plus they surprised me with a special birthday dessert and the whole staff sand Happy Birthday!

    2. What do you plan to spend per person? I think that's essential for being able to give you a valuable advice. I do agree with a nice lunch at a top rated place. But with the fixed lunch price, it's not finished. Let's say it is 70€, then you should easily count some 100€ with the bottled water, wine, coffee, tip etc. Also, I'd easily count with 2 to 2.5h, if not more, since you'll be getting some amuse-bouches, friandises, etc.

      1. How about Joel Robuchon's L'Atelier or Le Table? Both are wonderful but different experiences. Another lovely lunch is to be had at Le Meurice, with its freshly-minted third star.

        For a less expensive place, I recommend Chez Catherine where I have had a lovely lunch or Chez L'Ami Jean in the 7th where some innovative and delicious cooking is going on. Chez Jean in the 8th has one star and combines the big three in a restaurant: Good Service, Good Food, and Good Wine. The cooking here tends to the modern but it is delicious. Frederic and his charming wife will take good care of you. Enjoy your birthday.

        1. Thanks for the answers- and good question about the price! 250.00(USD) begins to feel steep in the middle of a 10 day trip. I would probably prefer dinner, all things being equal.