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non-stick or easy release foil - anyone use it?

Anyone ever use non-stick or easy release foil from Reynolds? Does it actually work, or how does it work? Oil or chemicals? Is it worth it? I've done a little cooking in the oven and just wondered since some stuff stuck and it wasn't fun.

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  1. Personally, I love this product. Check the link out for more info.


    1. I use it to cover lasagna for initial period of baking; cheese does not stick to it! One box has lasted us a loooong time, though, because I can't think of any other reason to use it!

      1. It is the only foil I now buy...it works very well in whatever application I use it.

        1. My favorite too. i do keep the latge roll of Reynold's Heavy Duty on hand too.

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            Ditto for me. I use Reynold's Quick Release, and it works.

          2. I was suspicious, but it does indeed work. :)

            1. I keep both the Quick Release and regular foil. I use the Quick Release for lining a small sheet to bake up 4 cookies (when I just want a snack) or to line a pan where I don't want it to stick but want it to get crisper than if using a silpat. It's also thicker than regular foil, so it makes sturdier packets to throw on the grill.

              The regular foil I use to cover dishes, wrap up random leftovers for the fridge, etc since it's pretty cheap and I don't mind using so much of it.

              1. It's a great product! Perfect for covering your lasagne or any other dish that's likely to stick to regular foil. Also great for lining a baking pan when you don't want things to stick. It's a little more expensive than regular foil, so I keep both kinds on hand.

                1. I'm a big fan, I use it to line my pyrex pans when I make fudge, it keeps me from having to butter the pans.

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                    Caramels, too! I forgot I had used it for that a couple of years ago.

                  2. ML8000 - I agree with everything that has been posted above mine. It does not have a greasy, chemical surface, although it does feel different from the regular foil. A gentle warning, however, to be sure to place the proper side up; it is rather counterintuitive, I think. Although it is stamped on the foil itself ("Non-Stick Side"), it is the DULL side that should be placed up, instead of the shiny side. It will probably be obvious to you when you use it.

                    I am also a huge user of Reynold's EXTRA-heavy duty foil. It is a little difficult to find, but it, too, is a very good product.

                    1. Great stuff! I use it to line my jelly roll pans for my notoriously sticky pecan pie bars. It's worked the best of anything I've tried.

                      1. I use both; the Quick Release is so handy. Buy it - you'll be glad you did.

                        1. Besides lasagna, fish, and so on, I have found it to be great for keeping my grills clean when I get ready to glaze on the sauces. Move the meat to one side or to a plate, then lay a sheet with the non-stick side facing up on my grill. No more burnt on bbq sauces to burn and scrub off of my grates and burner guards.

                          1. This is the best thing ever invented. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but still. I love this. I have totally discarded the old version although I still have the heavy duty in the house for certain applications where I need a heavier product.

                            The only thing which I found it isn't so great for is when I reheat leftover pizza. The bottom of the pie tends to be a bit too moist, but this isn't so bad that I'd go back to the other.

                            1. I love the Reynolds product Release!! I live in suburbia of Toronto and cannot find this product anywhere and am forced to buy Alcan's Slide instead..I don't like it as much, I find it's not as strong. Recently I emailed Reynolds and they told me they are going to try for more shelf space in 2008 but can be found at Giant Tiger stores in Ontario.
                              I use Release for lining my sheet pans when I do my pork ribs, makes clean up a breeze...One of the many ways I use this product.